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I refer to the letter Why I believe Anwar is not guilty.

This is just a reply to the writer’s assertions on why he believes Anwar to be innocent. After all, one can see two sides to a coin:

1. The writer 'assumes' bisexuality is 'very rare' and because he's married (Anwar) he does not fit the mould.

Elton John was married to a woman once and actor/comedian Andy Dick (bisexual) was married and fathered three children. The women who had relationships with both men love them to this day and speak fondly of them.

2. The highly controversial sodomy conviction of 1998 was thrown out because two of the ten judges involved in the case did not believe so. The eight other judges believed 'some' homosexual acts had taken place.

3. ‘A person on the cusp of attaining political power would not be so stupid as to risk everything.’

Uh...Bill Clinton with Lewinsky, John F Kennedy with Marilyn Monroe, not to forget the recent call girl scandal with former New York governor Eliot Spitzer.

And, ‘With multiple partners, it’s a secret which is almost impossible to keep for a public figure.’

Hence Saiful's report. And why would he need to go to a reclusive apartment to unwind? Doesn't he have a beautiful home and family to go to? Why would he take Saiful everywhere with him?

4. ‘Anwar’s anger and outrage at the new allegation is exactly how a wronged person will react. His body language when he speaks of the issue is consistent with his words.’

While it is true that body language can say a lot, one would be amiss to assume that people are not aware of this. The FBI have noted that serial killers often use psychological techniques such as body language to lull victims into a false sense of security.

Ted Bundy would wear a cast and pretend to have trouble loading something in his car to get a victim to get close enough for him to accost them. Anwar is an excellent orator and could easily be aware of how to portray himself.

5. When news broke of Saiful’s report Anwar ran to an embassy. Why would you do this? The writer said so himself that it was more fear of arrest than his claim of assassination.

What has he to fear? That he has been caught off guard and he needed time to think? After all, if he is innocent why run? Let them arrest him. If he is innocent after all, he has nothing to fear.

6. Saiful’s resignation e-mail- If Saiful wrote that he was leaving because Anwar sodomised him, would they release that letter?

7. ‘The notion that a 61-year-old man can force himself on a 23-year-old youth is unthinkable.’

Old grandfathers force themselves on teenage girls, old priests on altar boys who are also strong and in their teens. Teenagers - whether female or male - can be physically stronger than their attackers but still will not react.

It's like if your father and he slapped you for doing something wrong, would you be able to slap or hit him back? No, because of the authority and respect you hold for him.

Rape victims or victims of abuse can freeze up in fear or shock when abused by their peers. They freeze up because they are being betrayed by people they respected or trusted.

While Anwar’s case is certainly fishy both sides are suspect. Why would Anwar, a high-profile politician, take a college dropout to be his personal aide? (personal aides are usually top graduates etc) This guy followed him everywhere, even overseas.

Unfortunately, it is hard to view this case with fairness because both sides have already come to their judgement without all the facts.

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