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I refer to the Malaysiakini report Umno offered PAS to jointly rule S'gor .

It will really be a waste of effort and trust if PAS were to join hands with Umno for the sake of Malay unity. Why is it that only when Umno is in the doldrums does it talk about Malay unity?

Umno is trying its best to woo PAS with all the materialism that it can offer but will later tell the electorate that PAS cannot be trusted because they have no solid values upon which they placetheir struggles.

Is this what PAS wants after successfully bringing in the Chinese to vote for them, along with the Indians thanks to Hindraf?

The wisest leader in PAS is still the revered Tok Guru Nik Aziz for he sees the pitfalls that may come in front of PAS’s progress with the non-Malay electorate and he is warning the others in PAS not to take that path.

The people have spoken, they cannot trust Umno leaders anymore because of their ultra mentality which often borders on racialism. Neither are the people willing to see a very strong DAP.

Therefore PAS plays a big role in the future of new politics in this country. If it can produce leaders like Mohd Nizar of Perak, why is it now wanting to join hands with the very party that it despises and the very coalition that it was kicked out of?

PAS must show that its brand of Islamic politics can be acceptable to all Malaysians and it must show that it really practices what it preaches ie, moderateness, wisdom and humility in accordance to the teachings of Islam.

The non-Malays are slowly beginning to trust PAS and now PAS has got to show that it is sincere. If PAS follows the path that Umno takes, the non-Malays will never trust the party again.

This is an opportunity that PAS has as the non-Malays see PAS as a trustworthy alternative to Umno at both the state and even at the federal level if need be. Therefore, if PAS were to join Umno for the sake of Malay unity (an excuse Umno always uses when it is weak) the non-Malays, although small in number, will no longer trust any Malay leader nor partake in the Malaysian democratic process.

It must be noted that this is not about Malays against non-Malays, for we all know that only a Malay can lead Malaysia and that is a reality which all non-Malays accept. But if the Malays cannot be our leaders, then the non-Malays will lose faith in them.

PAS has shown some exemplary governance in Kelantan which the non-Malays there can accept. Therefore, trust is slowly building as PAS leaders have shown a lot of sympathy to the needy when the situation is dire.

This trust should not be broken overnight just because Umno invites PAS to help only the former stay in power.

PAS should not lose its increasing support amongst the non-Malays because this is the opportunity it will get to eventually become a power-sharing partner in the federal administration in the near future.

PKR has got a multiracial facade but at the core is still very Malay though the people do not mind that - as long as their trust is not betrayed.

It will be better if PAS cooperates with PKR and takes on the role of a senior partner and keep the checks and balances right so that the new Pakatan federal government does not go down the same corrupt line that the country has taken for past 27 years.

One sincerely hopes that PAS will not be tempted by the carrots that are now being dangled by Umno.

The new purchase of luxury vehicles by the new state government of Terengganu just goes to show that Umno leaders have not learnt from the election results.

They will continue as usual as long as they know that money can buy them anything. One hopes that PAS does not go down the same path.

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