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PM, please intervene and save the nation

R Rama Chandran  |  Published:  |  Modified:

I am disgusted and ashamed of the manner in which Anwar Ibrahim’s episode is being handled by politicians and the police. Little by little, the truth is surfacing. Now the first medical report on Saiful is seen as a sabotage by our obedient police. What a masterpiece.

These politicians and the police do not seem to be thinking first before talking. They contradict all their earlier statements whenever new elements develop on the matter and foolishly expose only their ignorance. As a senior citizen, it is horrifying to see these sort of developments in the country.

It appears that only Anwar is subject to sodomy allegations in the country. I hardly read of any cases of this nature though I read of rape cases daily. Young children are being kidnaped and raped.. Fathers raping their own daughters is so common. So are of brothers raping their sisters. So much for our religious education.

These cases are rampant as much as the thuggery, gangsterism and illegal immigrants that are causing havoc in our peaceful neighbourhoods.

The police should put all their energy and time towards averting all these crimes and problems for the rakyat instead of following orders blindly from the ministers and high officials whose integrity are highly questionable.

The police officers executing the orders should use their thinking caps for they are young and may have to serve new masters soon.

As rightly pointed out by Tommy Thomas , the present government and politicians are abusing the judiciary to solve their rivalry. It is a sheer waste of public funds and of the human resources of the police, judiciary and doctors.

All these professionals have their hands full solving a backlog of cases. But they now waste their time and energy on a sodomy case filed against a national leader engineered by those with an ulterior motive and envy.

A same type of case against Anwar Ibrahim was thrown out by no less than the federal court after months of deliberations at all levels of the judiciary which saw a colossal sum of public funds and human resources being wasted over many years.

The government should instead focus on solutions to avert further price hikes on essential goods and services that are making lives miserable even for people in the upper and middle income groups.

Therefore, I call upon the prime minister to do justice to Anwar by advising the attorney-general to put an end to this mess as the rakyat already knows that there is no concrete evidence to charge Anwar.

This matter is affecting the image of this country politically, an image which the nation’s first three prime ministers took great pains to build. The foreign investors are keeping away from the country and the stock market is down when all Asians markets are up, all because of our political uncertainty.

Pak Lah, for this act of compassion on Anwar that you will do, we are sure you will be long remembered in the annals of this country.

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