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Nothing 'unethical' about Anwar's 916 plan

Notwithstanding the comments made recently by DAP Vice-Chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim that it is wrong for BN MPs to cross over to Anwar Ibrahim’s team, and, therefore, the whole ‘916' episode is unethical, I beg to differ:

1. The BN corrupt machinery has lorded over this country the past 50 years, and nothing is sacred to them anymore. The police, the judiciary and every other government department and institutions seems to do BN’s bidding and the right or wrong of each act is never discussed for they just follow orders – they ‘Just Do It’. So wouldn’t all these acts be considered highly ‘unethical’ to say the least?

2. Many of these purported crossover BN MPs are sick to their core of the continuing inefficiency and blatant corrupt practices of their more powerful BN counterparts, especially the Umno clique. This includes the latter’s strident display of racism, continually raising the spectre of May 13, blatant disregard of basic human rights and selective targeting and incarceration of their opponents, or just about anyone they don’t like, eg Teresa Kok Raja Petra and the Hindraf 5.

But there is no ‘show cause’ letter to that very racist Utusan Malaysia. How many Malaysians can stomach these dirty actions and how many subscribe to Umno’s make-believe world?

3. Persistent calls by Sabah politicians within the BN circle to institute a royal commission on how so many million foreigners can own our blue ICs and become Malaysian citizens are totally ignored to this day to the continuing detriment of genuine Malaysian Sabahans’ security, peace and the hope of continued prosperity in this rich Land Below The Wind.

4. Likewise, wholesale giveaways of valuable government land to cronies in Sarawak and calls to investigate the Taib Dynasty are all given short shrift.

5. Is it any wonder that many of these BN MPs are prepared to crossover to Anwar’s camp with no promises of monetary rewards as stated by Anwar many times? Likewise, is it wrong or unethical for Anwar to state that if elected with the help of these crossover BN MPs, he will ensure that Sabah is again ruled by a true Sabahan – a Kadazan and not an Umnoputra?

For the same reason, Sarawak will then be ruled by a true Sarawakian – an Iban. What can be so ‘unethical’ about these wise moves?

6. Most Malaysians are immigrants of one sort or another when they migrated to this country now called Malaysia. The could be a Chinese with 600 years of ancestry or they could be Indonesians from Java, Sumatera or other parts of the vast Indonesian archipelago some 800-1,000 years ago.

Or they could be from India (Madras, South Kerala etc), with some 100 years of ancestry. It is interesting further to note that Chinese Malaysian Muslims are not classified as ‘bumiputeras’ like some Malaysian Indian Muslims even though they profess the religion of Islam, think and act and eat like all other Muslims, observe Ramadhan, go to the same mosques etc. And don’t forget there are some 100 million Chinese Muslims in China today!

7. The true ‘natives’ and ‘sons of the soil’ like our aborigines (the Sakai, Negritos etc), and the Dyaks, Ibans, Kadazans, Melanus etc in Sabah and Sarawak – some of which may have been classified as ‘bumiputeras’ – are badly marginalised and handed only crumbs for development spending, if any at all.

Sadly, the situation is prevalent all over the world where the true ‘natives’ are badly marginalised – the Aborigines in Australia, the Inuits in Japan and the Native Americans in the US.

8. There is therefore nothing unethical or corrupt about Anwar’s strategy to rule Malaysia – the BN coalition will resort to the same if they were ever popular after March 8. Anwar is Malaysia’s only chance at true salvation to make this rich country a much better place for all Malaysians, regardless of colour, creed or religion and to live and learn from each other.

Our unique multiculturalism can then be preserved and encouraged. Ask ourselves: what has BN done in all their 50 year rule except to enrich further the fabulously rich cronies in their group?

9. A 916 is the best way out, and time is of the essence: you cannot wait for the next election. If BN/ Umno are so sure of themselves, why are they so afraid to convene parliament earlier? Any straw voting will tell the whole BN set-up that they are now irrelevant.