Let the monarchy spearhead our challenge!

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Modified 28 Nov 2008, 8:42 am

Yes, we have a constitutional monarchy of limited powers. Yet it holds an egalitarian view and it is one system of government independent of politics where power is exercised for the goodwill of the subjects.

They are there to maintain custom, practice and tradition for all irrespective of race, colour, religion and following destruction of the many facets of the Malaysian society which is tired of the manipulation of unfair and unjust operations of law for the benefit of a few.

In Malaysia, there is total tyranny and abuse of power, no political liberties and practically no human rights. The terror against the population is reaching a scope unprecedented in history and we seek the rulers to do what is dutiful to safeguard and protect their subjects. The rulers are our last salvaging cause for this deteriorating paradise.

The value of a constitutional monarchy stretches beyond a figurehead to embody a sense of nationhood when there is obvious and blatant disregard for the socio-well-being of the subjects irrespective of race, religion, colour.

You the monarchy, occupy the highest office of the nation, you are head of the law, ultimate commander of the armed forces. With your royal prerogative inherent within the spirit of the constitution, protect us, your subjects, from sinister forces, division of the nation and safeguard our liberty and humanity to maintain the social peace.

You, the monarchy didn't choose to be born a royalty, yet if you are one with duty beyond self, then the subjects look to you for the triumph over the political abuses and for victory of the humanity.

Without doubt in Malaysia today, we currently have political feudalism by concession and usurpation that assume power and dictate the course of Malaysia for their own purpose. Self before duty for them. That is the difference between the monarchy and political feudalism.

You, the monarchy are our arbitrator who are not bound politically, have vested interests or are tempted by ambition since your dominion is only bound by your duty to the society that recognises you that you would only act and guide us in seeking the good in all alike irrespective of our race, religion, colour.

The Malaysian people would like to recognise that you are not just a figurehead, but our solution in what the belief that you will look after our best interest to live a free, fair and a just life in Malaysia in equality and fairness.

The constitution was drafted with hindsight and allowed certain provision for the Malay rulers to protect their subjects when the security or the economic life or public order in the Malaysian federation or any part thereof is threatened. The rulers are the public's ‘backdoor’ when all fair and just acts fail.

The monarchical principle maybe laughed at but for us in Malaysia, it enshrines with a fitting dignity and elaboration the principle of authority as something independent of this or that politician.

It places the monarchy above attack. It symbolises and consecrates an attitude of mind essential to the happiness of people by the monarchy.

We are ready. Are you, the monarchy ready, able and willing to spearhead our cause against the atrocities against humanity and freedom of expression by this repulsive government just as you are duty-bound to protect your subjects?

Or are you just going to be a figurehead?

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