Hamas to blame for Israeli raids

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I refer to the Malaysiakini report 500 protest Israeli air strikes outside US embassy .

Do these protesters know what they are protesting about? Have they read reports about Hamas' rocket attacks on the south of Israel? Are they protesting the rocket attacks?

Have they read comments or reports from Israeli citizens getting fed-up of rocket attacks on their cities? Or is this a one-sided affair to discredit anything and everything related to the US and Israel?

Reports have indicated that Israel is retaliating for rocket attacks on their southern cities. They have also clearly spelt out their goals for these attacks. They will continue until the threats of rocket attacks on their cities are eliminated.

Is Hamas ready to stop the rocket attacks? Remember that it is the Hamas who refused to sign a new cease-fire agreement to begin with.

Imagine if Thailand started shooting rockets at us from the north with Kangar, Alor Setar, Kota Baru and even Penang being targets. Would we not get enraged? Would we not demand that they stop?

If they did not stop, would we not retaliate until they stop? And if we sent the might of the RMAF to bomb targets in southern Thailand until the attacks stop, should Malaysia be the only one labeled as a monster?

How about if we got tired of Singapore and start covering their roads and buildings with rockets, would they not demand that we stop on the threat of retaliation? And if the might of the Singapore Air Force is sent to bomb Putrajaya, KL and our air bases (though not JB as Singapore still needs Johor Bharu), are they the only ones who should be criticised?

Should the Muslim world unite to criticise Singapore for attacking the ‘Islamic’ Malaysia when it is clearly Malaysia's fault as the aggressors?

In both scenarios, I would say it takes two hands to clap. The first attack by the aggressors triggers retaliation. Both sides are responsible for the bloodshed. Both sides need to stop.

The Palestinians are now paying a heavy price for the sins of their government (Hamas). We must pity them. Israel must stop the raids. At the same time, do we not have compassion for the Israeli citizens who are affected by the rocket attacks of Hamas?

I'm neither for Israel nor against Israel but in the current Israel-Hamas scenario, it's clear that both sides are to blame. Don't just pressure Israel to stop without giving them an alternative to protect their citizens, resources and peace.

Israel has spelled out clearly that the goal of their offensive is to remove the threat of rocket attacks on their territory. Then we should pressure Hamas to stop attacking Israel. Pressure Hamas to sign a new cease-fire agreement.

We must condemn Israel for the raids. But at the same time, we must also condemn Hamas for enabling these raids to happen.

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