Squabbling in PR has got to stop

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Three different ideologies trying hard to work together and still keep their own mandates under control for sake of Pakatan Rakyat unity. But alas, it is not too easy to compromise one's own stand especially when it is so diversified.

One is an overwhelming Chinese-based party trying to project a Malaysian identity and fighting for these Malaysian causes. One is an Islamic party bent on implementing its own rules and regulations in line with their own religious way of life.

The last but not least, is seen as a party with a Malaysian identity and ideology but failing miserably in its mission to maintain unity and discipline within its ranks with its leader almost running out of steam.

Cracks are quite obvious within this alliance of convenience as each wants to have its own way on how their states should be governed. With this kind of squabbling and disunity, the people are now in doubt about their true motives and vision for a united nation, free of communal politics.

If Pakatan party members are not able to control their emotions, want quick solutions and want to impose their own thinking even before a Pakatan Rakyat mandate can be well-established to better manage this alliance, then the coalition is not expected to go very far and may not even last till the next general elections.

Before the situation really gets out of hand, the PR leadership should take full control and implement some form of discipline within its ranks in order to prevent certain quarters from going about making detrimental statements that defeat their purpose of coming together.

If each party wants its own way, then they should break away from this alliance and not be a stumbling block for progress. If PR cannot work together then do not expect the public to trust you and vote for you in the future.

If you cannot resolve your own issues then how can you handle the country's numerous challenges?

Personally, I think I am better off supporting the devil I know than the angel I do not know unless you can convince me that these setbacks within PR are just temporary and can be handled amicably for the sake of Pakatan unity and strength.

Before you go to battle, you have to ensure that you are well-equipped, well-trained, well- disciplined and most of all, have a clear, common vision for the future. This is grossly lacking in PR.

BN though divided, is better managed and are able to keep their house in order for so long.

Pakatan Rakyat's future is at stake and Anwar has to act fast to stop all this squabbling which has no room in a united front.

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