Altantuya case: 'Guilty ones still free'

Modified 11 Apr 2009, 6:40 am

There must be someone else behind this murder and we have ascertain the motive for the murder. In this case there is none. The two policemen had not even known this Mongolian lady.

On Death for Altantuya's murderers

Yee: Will the Royal Malaysian Police allow the government and the prosecution to hang two of their own while the real culprits behind the murder of this foreign woman roam free?

There must be someone else behind this murder and we have ascertain the motive for the murder. One of the cornerstones of detective work and the law is to ascertain the motive.

In this case there is none. The two policemen had not even known the Mongolian lady prior to that night on which they were called.

I am therefore surprised that the IGP and the senior brass of the Royal Malaysian Police have not stepped in to defend or speak up for two of their own. They are scapegoats and pawns in a game with big stakes.

They may have been the murderers but the mastermind behind this murder is free roaming around somewhere in the world. God, who is the Judge, will reveal all things in time to come.

Perry: It is a pathetic and political decision, to paint an image that there was no outside interference in the case.

Defence lawyers changed, prosecutors changed, hell, even the judge was changed!

No answers were given to many crucial questions - why was she killed, who ordered it, who erased her entry records, who ordered that, why were there no defence witnesses, etc.

I have a feeling that their appeals will also be rushed through, with the same verdict. The ‘executions’ will be barely noted, without anyone being allowed to witness it.

These UTK guys will be given a pay-off, they’ll stay overseas for a while and come back with totally different identities and be totally forgotten.

They will rush the case through as it could be a problem for many powerful people if the government of the day is changed..

Hence, all appeals will be exhausted before 2013. Mark my words!

The Healer: I think the verdict is incomplete, and the matter has to be further investigated as to the motive of killing Altantuya, since it is established that Azilah and Sirul killed her.

We also know that these two are from the UTK and thus would either work or act on their free will or by a command from a higher authority.

But suppose that these two acted on their free will but yet never knew her before, what can we make of this?

That these two became insane and randomly picked a woman to test their explosives and see how effective it works to eliminate evidence?

Then, I wonder, how did they ever get into UTK? How can we snugly fit this into the whole story of the Altantuya episode?

I think, if these two suddenly had their criminal instincts turned on, it has to somehow be established too.

I appeal to the court to review the case and establish if these two acted on their free will or not. For Razak Baginda to be acquitted, it does not eliminate the possibility of Azilah and Sirul acting on the directive of a higher authority, for certainly Razak Baginda did not have the power to direct them.

For if he had such authority, or assumed to have such authority, he should be investigated for any possible corrupt practices that enabled him to be accredited with such authority.

Sayu Sayme:

The people will not stop asking these simple questions:

1 Why must these two police officers murder a Mongolian girl from thousands of miles away whom they do not know?

2 The two police officers must have acted on instructions. Who had given them the instructions?

3 Why had Altantuya visited certain people in Malaysia? What were their connections?

The list can go on. Most, if not all, will feel it more precise to say that the real murderers are walking free.

Bill Chua: Comments from many readers reflect that these two police officers were 110% acting on instructions.

However, the man supposedly giving the instructions was not even called to make a statement, suggesting complicity from someone even higher. You know who?

The investigation by the police is a complete sham. They will succeed in their appeals and eventually everything will be swept under the carpet and never mentioned in the media again because BN controls the media.

This case stinks like a dead body and unless buried, it will smell forever.

The prosecution, the police Investigators, the RM550 million paid as commission for arms purchases to a company linked to Razak Baginda who is linked to Najib are all ingredients for an excellent novel.

How can Malaysians allow themselves to be shortchanged for so many years? Wake up and remove all these people through the ballot box like what Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau did earlier this week.

Info: The Altantuya case closure is riddled with smoke-screens. Hanging the killers will simply be a convenient way to ensure there is no legal path to bring to book those who ordered the murder.

Drug dealers, jilted partner? Who knows? We certainly don’t and it seems the courts aren’t interested either!

Like the first sodomy case against Anwar, there was too much ‘convenient truth’ in favour of the prosecution with the chain of evidence not being sustained.

Syabas, Malaysia – the first country in the world with exciting new investigation and court procedures!