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Indians in cabinet: 'You wasted 29 years, Samy'
Published:  Apr 14, 2009 11:08 AM
Updated: 10:37 AM

your say ‘From 1979 to 2008, you were MIC president. After wasting 29 years, why ask for more now when the party has less representation in Parliament and very little support from the community?'

On MIC top brass did not discuss 'pullout'

Yuvan: I don't think anybody in BN cares if MIC is properly represented in the government or not. In fact, Umno will be happy to see MIC leave the cabinet.

The ‘vacancies' can be easily filled up then with more Umno politicians. Anyway, what is the point of MIC talking about it now? The party has only three MPs and all three are in the cabinet (one minister and two deputies).

MIC had two ministers in the cabinet until the death of Athinahapan (then deputy president of MIC) in 1977.

When Samy Vellu became the MIC president in 1979, the Indian community had great hopes that he would demand and get back the two ministers post for MIC.

But he failed and carried on like as if he was fully content with himself being the only MIC minister in the cabinet until he lost his MP's seat in the 2008 general elections.

MIC leaders now want to ‘make noise' that their party lacks proper representation in the government and that they cannot serve the community effectively by having only one minister.

What about the 29 years, from 1979 to 2008, when their leader, Samy Vellu, was their only representation in the cabinet and the whole lot of MIC people were very happy and satisfied about it?

MIC had nine MPs in Parliament then and if Samy Vellu was sincere he could have pushed and got one more - and may be even two more - MIC ministers in the cabinet.

Why did he not do it then? After wasting 29 years, why ask for more now when the party has less representation in Parliament and very little support from the community?

As usual, MIC leaders are at their ‘antics' again and are only trying to get some sympathy and support from the Indian community.

I don't think anybody in MIC is sincere or serious about anything. Don't they know the saying, ‘make hay while the sun shines'?

Well, the MIC neither has any ‘hay' nor the ‘sun' now. Their attempts will be in vain.

Nothing But Wind:

It came out in the media that the MIC is mulling to withdraw its representatives from new PM's cabinet.

It was not stated who gave the statement. Some of the MIC top brass denied knowledge of this.

It is widely speculated that the MIC president himself is behind this. It is argued that the drop in MIC participation in the cabinet is due to its dismal performance in the 12th general election, when even MIC president himself fell victim.

Political observers say the decision to pull out from the cabinet was very pertinent when the MIC was given only one seat instead of two ministers' posts around the 1980s.

However, nobody seems to have bothered. Why bother now when you just got the same as before?

Could it be due to the president not having any cabinet post? So he would be the affected party.

Maybe, the MIC president would have made a personal demand to PM which was not obliged by the PM when he announced his cabinet line-up.

Immaterial of what has transpired, one thing is for sure. There are some ultra-selfish leaders in the MIC. The Indian Malaysian community is doomed until these ‘leaders' quit.

KSN: As he gets older, Samy seems to suffer memory lapses. Samy, do you not remember that MIC had two full ministers in the cabinet before you became MIC president?

Did you not surrender one minister's post for two deputies? What are you trying to pull now?

Read with intellengence, Muhyiddin has told you and MIC to get lost because Umno knows that the MIC is dead and buried and that it is absolutely of no use to Umno and and BN.

It is in fact a liability. Stand alone? You are joking and daydreaming. Get serious and leave because the Indians have put MIC behind them for good and they are moving forward.

Happy retirement to Samy and MIC.

Vastu Raman:

Samy Vellu is a good joker. It never crossed his mind to withdraw from cabinet when he was a member of cabinet for 30 years.

It never crossed his mind to withdraw when Khir Toyo refused to accept his appeal not to tear down the Hindu temple in Kampung Jawa.

He even had no guts to call off the Deepavalli dinner as a sign of protest. It never crossed his mind to pull out of the cabinet when Umno kept on marginalising the community.

But suddenly, a pullout crosses his mind just because he is not a cabinet minister any more. Selfish man.

He is supposed enjoy his retirement at home yet he refused to withdraw from the party elections.

Asking the MIC representatives to pullout is the worst drama from Samy Vellu to counter Najib's instruction asking him to ‘go'.

I'm confident, the three representatives will pull out because their gonads will not function properly when they meet Samy Vellu.

By-bye MIC, your coffin is on the way.

A True Malaysian: Just when the PM has carved a ‘1 Malaysia' concept for all, you have our home grown hommies crying ‘drama' back to their wells.

It is about time all races group together and put their personal priorities aside and aim for unity and growth.

The people have spoken if that isnt enough. The MIC should just be happy with what they have for now.

Anyway what do they have to complain about? The last minister they had up there stayed long enough for the cows to come home twice a day for a quarter of a century.

Isn't that more than just?

Rjt Dhaliwal: The MIC acknowledges the fact that they have been brushed aside. I would like to add on that it is not only them but all the component parties of Barisan.

It is a clear fact that the other parties were invited or accepted into the coalition to keep the power of the ruling govenment in the grips of Umno.

I cannot see how it would help the Indian comunity at large by having more ministerial posts.

It also clear that MIC is fighting under the cloak of Indian representation for the benefit of only those individuals who stand to be appointed should Najib agree to give more ministerial positions to MIC.

How, by having extra ministers would you be able to help the Indians? Samy Vellu had the the Works Ministry all these years so dis it mean he ran the ministry?

No, it is Umno who decides who gets the contracts, of course, along with Samy Vellu. Since the Works Ministry was under the MIC, what is the percentage of Indians who work in the ministry, if I may ask?

My message to Najib, as a man in the street, is that it would make no difference if you do not award any ministerial or deputy ministerial posts to the MIC or even to the MCA.

For at the end of the day, for these ministers to keep to their lucrutive posts thay have to bow down to each and every request of Umno

So why talk about remaining in the Barisan fold for to be in the fold is to make a fool of yourself. It would be just a show that there is a sharing of power.

Ganesh Kanagaretnam: Well MIC thought that Hindraf was ‘crying wolf' when they said that the Indians will be and are surpressed, so please Mr President of MIC, don't look and sound disturbed.

Just beware that if you speak up, there is a quota for two Indians at Kamunting. So please, just so no more Indians are incarcerated, just be quiet.

I see the indians as the Oliver Twist of Malaysia - we ask for more and the iron hand of the keeper come down hard on us.

So keep your bowls where it can't be seen and if the Indians don't want to be whipped or sent to Kamunting, let's just be happy at the bread crumbs thrown at us.

All I ask is that for every tear shed for our dear ones in Kamunting the wrath of God follows those that have seen it fit to whip the Oliver Twists of Malaysia.

I still remember crying when I read the story of the little girl who died alone, when her father was rotting in Kamunting.

Does our PM really think we can wash that away?

The Healer: The human resources minister's post is a junior post? Are you implying that MCA once held a junior post and hence the MIC was more important than MCA?

You got to be kidding me. I think you MIC, as a component party of Barisan Nasional, ought to change your mind set and see your ministerial allocation as equally important.

The country can't function without your portfolio, as much as a body can't move without its legs.

I hope PM Najib and the other component party leaders will be able to address such disunity in BN stemming from this ‘who is more important than the other' attitude.

Indeed, it is time that PM Najib takes actions to affirm to the Indian community that they are not forgotten as well as building up a national image of equality for all.

Sang Kancil:

Finally, the MIC got their teeth! Unfortunately, it is milk teeth. It is too small to fight Umno which has fully-gown canines.

Traditionally, the MIC was given one senior ministry, the works ministry. But after GE12, it's gone. And very unlikely that the MIC will get it again.

Kudos to MCA, you got more than what you deserve. MCA was also another loser but was given an additional deputy minister's post.

Gerakan was a loser as well but the chief was appointed a senator and was given a minister's post. What a double standard practiced by Saudara Najib.

In fact, in the photo taken after the swearing-in ceremony, MIC's sole minister Dr Subramanian was placed in the second row to show that Indian Malaysians are second-class citizens. Or perhaps even third class.

On DPM tells MIC to thrash out grievances with Najib

Karepu Samy: Samy Vellu a big joker. It was his doing when he asked the then PM to give only one full minister's post to the MIC and now he is playing a big drama and is ‘merajuk' for the refusal to return back the minister's post to MIC.

Samy Vellu wants to counter Najib's ‘pack and go' instruction so he has to play this drama. Well, the Indian Malaysians know your plot and time for you to go, Samy.