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'Sue them', Malaysiakini!
Published:  Apr 24, 2009 1:15 AM
Updated: 1:22 AM

your say ‘With regards to this false police report, I urge you to sue them and also lodge a police report against them for wasting the police's time and for any other relevant offence that your lawyers can think of.'

On False police report lodged against Malaysiakini

Simon Lim: With regards to the false police report filed by that racist organisation, I urge you to sue them and also lodge a police report against them for wasting the police's time and for any other relevant offence that your lawyers can think of.

I hope you won't let them get away with just an insincere apology. This includes the two racist newspapers.

How can the president claim to have made a police report on the hearsay of his staff? You cannot let them off the hook so easily.

I am confident the rakyat are behind you on this issue.

Shaik Daud: My advice to Malaysiakini is that it is not enough to ask for an apology from Mohd Hilmi.

Libel action should be taken against him for the irresponsible manner he lodged the report.

He lodged the report merely on hearsay without first verifying the information. He should be made an example of.


GMP, as many of us know, is linked to some political interests. My view is that GMP would be a hindrance to our beloved PM's vision of a ‘1 Malaysia'.

In the interest of the country and as an act of wanting to support our PM's vision.

I think Malaysiakini must not merely accept the apology by GMP.

Malaysiakini, if it claims to support the country in its bid to be a ‘1 Malaysia', must take GMP to court.

There are no two ways about it.

On Sukuk bond buyers, beware of the banks!

Srikanth Siva: Firstly, I would like to thank the Malaysian government for making ASM available to all Malaysians from all walks of life.

However, on April 22, after reading that ASM shares were still widely available for Indians Malaysians, I approached Maybank in SS15, Subang Jaya.

I spoke to three different staff who each gave me contradicting views including that the shares were sold out. I went home unable to open an ASM account.

On April 23, I read that the Indian quota was widely available and that only 10.71% of the 499.5 million units were snapped up. Confused, I approached the Maybank SS15 branch once again.

The person who attended to me said ‘someone from upstairs' would come down.

After waiting 30 minutes, I noticed that another individual was filling up a form to apply for a new ASM account.

I then approached the counter again and asked for the form. He gave me the form and asked me to fill it up. After doing so, he hesitantly issued a queue number.

I then proceeded upstairs to find that there was no queue at all. My number came up immediately and I was successfully able to purchase ASM units.

Why the confusion by Maybank staff at SS15, Subang Jaya branch when selling ASM units? Are they not trained to sell ASM?

KG: I was happy to read that the government was opening up Amanah Saham Malaysia share units to the non-bumi Malaysians and so I hastily went to the RHB office in Pusat Bandar Damansara to inquire on the share purchase on April 22nd.

However, I was told by the RHB bank representative that all the shares were fully subscribed and so to my disappointment, I left the bank.

Therefore, I was really surprised to read yesterday that the ASM Indian quota was still available for takers and yet I was not advised of this.

If I looked Chinese, I could have understood the RHB representative not offering me the shares, however, being Indian, plus not having an ambiguous racial background (ie, I look completely Indian), I am disappointed that the shares were not offered to me.

The potential reason therefore that the Indian quota remains unfilled for ASM subscribers is because they are all informed that ASM is now closed for subscription to non-bumis.

A great plan was in place for the rakyat, however, it's marred by failure to provide proper information to its representatives.

In any event, kudos to our caring government for yet another share fund offer to the non-bumis.

On Religious conversion: Rulers' help sought

Rakyat Malaysia: Let the kids to decide at the age of 21. That will be my answer to the issue.

Indira Ghandi has been wanting her kids to be Hindu. But she has forgotten that her husband, now a Muslim, wants the kids to be a Muslim.

So it is a deadlock and no one should be selfish in this case. The right for religion is everyone's right.

I know in Islam there is no compulsion, and if someone is converted by force, the conversion is invalid.

I don't know for sure how the inheritance cases of converts are handled in Islam. Islam is a universal religion, and it must have a just solution.

The right thing to do is to ask the renowned ‘ulama' around the world and refer back to the Al-Quran and ‘hadith'.

If you ask me, a fair deal in the case will be letting the kids be free-thinkers; that is they are not Hindu neither Muslim.

But all the kids must have equal accesses to their parents. The kids from their current age until the age of 21 should remain as free-thinkers and their parents should not force anything on them.

Say five years before the age of 21, the kids should be taught Hinduism and Islam by qualified religion educators.

However, they should still remain as free-thinkers until the age of 21.

At the age of 21 and above, the kids should be allowed to enter into any religion.

Even if the kids are saying they want to be a Muslim or a Hindu now, it is all premature based on which parent they love more rather than which religion is right for them.