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VoxPop: Now let 'Perakians' decide
Published:  May 12, 2009 4:22 AM
Updated: 6:34 AM

vox populi big thumbnail Dissolving the state assembly and return power to the people of Perak to elect a government of their choice would set an example to the world that democracy is thriving.

On Najib: BN to appeal against decision

The Dark Knight: I think it is you (Najib) who is the most over-excited person concerning this matter. And what's the problem to be solved here? Don't you mean, "I will solve the problem" like how you tried to solve the Altantuya problem, or the Anwar problem, or the Perak problem i.e. the coup?

The "problem" you're "trying" to solve is your absolute dictatorship. You'd better file an appeal as soon as possible if you are determine to undermine democracy and separation of powers.

Peter Ooi: By now Najib should know that Perakians want to decide their fate by having a fresh election. If he feels he has the confidence of the ‘rakyat', he should not hesitate to support the dissolution of the Perak assembly.

Why want to delay and cause more uncertainty for Perak? Let them decide once and for all and get on with their lives. This time around, let us hope that the Sultan of Perak will consent to the dissolution and break the impasse decisively.

Dian: So now the ball is on Nizar's court. So will Raja Nazrin correct the wrong done by his father Sultan Azlan? My opinion is to lose face now than face another slap from the people. But then who am I to advise him that.

Zambry will go down in history as the shortest serving MB. I hope he loses his MP seat too.

The only winner in this ugly episode is none other than Hee Yit Foong, who had since become instant millionaire through the generous-neither-here-nor-there Muslim man, Vincent Tan.

Vincent Tan is not that generous if you know the truth behind his companies. Thirty percent belongs to UMNO, 30 percent to the two Tuns and 40 percent to him only. Well, he is not the only non-Malay holding UMNO's money.

Baiyuensheng: There are so much criticism upon the Perak monarchy, either in the newspapers or the forums that I feel strongly to say a few personal thoughts -- that the Perak monarchy and the Sultan is still the best among the royal houses. They are well educated, far-sighted and have always have the rakyat and the country at heart. They are the most learned royals and carried themselves with humility without the air of arrogance.

We should all be refrained in throwing comments unnecessarily. Decision, rightly or wrongly has been made in whatever circumstances that we did not have the privilege be in and understand the details.

I am still proud of the Perak monarchy, even-though I am not a Perakian. I prayed that the Sultan of Perak remains strong with dignity and courageous to lead and face whatever come they may.

John Johnson: Let's get on with the job of ruling the state and adminstering the wishes of the people. Well done, Pakatan.

Vijayandhran: The powers that be have a golden opportunity to resolve the political impasse in Perak, restore faith in democracy and the constitution, uphold the good name of the palace institution and the important role it plays, all in one simple move -- dissolve the state assembly and return power to the people of Perak to elect a government of their choice.

This will be a victory not only for Perakians and Malaysians but set an example to the world that democracy is thriving in Malaysia. After all, the ‘1Malaysia' concept does say People First.

On Perak monarchy 'embarrassed' by imbroglio

Ooi: Tengku Razaleigh deserves to be called a real leader among all BN and UMNO politicians. He is wise and willing to face up to the truth. At the onset of the crisis he had already said that Zambry is never the legal MB. Only BN refused to listen to his advice. If only they had and allow the assembly to be dissolved, the crisis would long be over. Perakians could get on with their lives.

At this point in time, let us hope that Najib would heed Tengku Razaleigh's view. Forget about appealing against the court decision. Have a fresh election and save the Perakians of no more agony and uncertainties.

Appum: Well said Tengku (Razaleigh), as you demonstrated your wisdom and maturity in your comments albeit you are an UMNO MP. We can predict that the Perak Regent, the new young force, will give the green light to dissolve or the state will continue to be in an embarrassed , which benefits no one.

BN can, of course, appeal and reappeal one after One can see that the only solution as seen by so many people is to call for fresh elections.This time we are sure the Palace will make the right decision.