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On Aminah ‘offered' top council post to pull out

Kumar Krish: Deputy Chief Minister? Has this woman stood in front of a mirror before?

Peter: Or, if she wins, she would be given the deputy chief minister's post. That does not make sense. She said PKR tried to bribe her and one of the offer is to give her the Deputy Chief Minister post. So is PKR trying to "bribe" her to contest? All bullshit.

Ken: As Aminah's explosive allegations involve an opposition party, MACC should act with their usual lightning speed involving opposition parties and set up a high level team immediately to probe the allegations without waiting for a report to be made. I'm sure MACC can see that this is bigger than the "cows and car" case against Selangor MB Khalid which in turn eclipsed Khir Toyo's Disneyland trips. In fact, Khir Toyo's Disneyland junkets are too small and insignificant for MACC to act.

When the MACC investigations are complete, be sure to inform the public that "there are strong elements of corruption" and the file has been passed to the Attorney General for action. This should be done no matter how the investigations turn out. I'm sure people have short memories and will forget if no further action is taken against the target of MACC's poisoned barbs.

This is BIG, MACC. Leave no stones unturned!

On Why Nizar shouldn't appeal

KG: It is true that it is difficult for Nizar to get justice from Umno's courts even though there are rare flashes of light. However, Nizar should still appeal to the Federal Court on the slim chance that some judges may rule according to their conscience.

Nizar has requested for a quorum of nine judges. He is unlikely to get nine judges but he should get at least five. Once the panel of judges has been appointed, he should study their personalities. If it contains a majority of names who are known to be partisan towards the government like one former High Court judge who jailed an ex-Minister for sodomy in 1998, Nizar should withdraw his appeal.

By doing so, Nizar is saying he will not play by their rules. He will not give them the satisfaction of using the law to pervert justice. He prefers to take his case to the court of the people instead and the people will decide in about three years time.

On Close down Sri Lanka Embassy in Malaysia

Confused: I have Tamil blood and I pen this to insist that the good doctor refrain from speaking for me. I do not wish to be counted among his two million Tamils, much less do I refer to V. Prabakharan as a "god". I also have no recollection of him bringing me any hope, new or otherwise.

I really hope that the writer will drop this arrogant practice of speaking for a larger group and do hope that Malaysiakini will refrain from such unqualified transmission of such nauseous pieces in the future.

The humanitarian disaster that unfolded in Sri Lanka recently and over the last several decades is a travesty of the highest order. I join with anyone who denounces this and in so far as the Sri Lankan government refuses to justly redress the immediate ramifications of the fallout, they are deserving of international sanctions.

In the midst of all this, I hope that the emerging/emergent Tamil underclass in Malaysia is not neglected for I am a believer that charity begins at home.

On Royal probe urged into ‘unlawful takeover' of Perak

Ooi: I feel that a probe into the unlawful takeover of Perak is a mere waste of time and money.

Whatever the outcome of the inquiry will come to nothing. Just look at the Lingam tape royal inquiry. Its recommendation against the culprits was really commendable and clear.

Till today, no actions were taken against those infamous five. They are still walking free with their heads held sky high.

Nizar can only find justice in people's court. I would not place any bet on him ever winning his appeal. Tell me, how many of the opposition's legal action against BN has ever succeeded, save one by the brave Justice Aziz?

On Stop the lies, Nalla warns opposition

Be Fair: Nalla has left Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and now blames the PR states for not doing anything for the Indian community? My question to Nalla is this: When you were in PR, what did YOU do then? And now that you are on BN's side, what have you done or doing right now for the Indians?

Talk is cheap. By the way, what are you doing about Kugan's case?

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