Teoh's death must not be in vain

Modified 17 Jul 2009, 9:47 am

your say MACC has finally lost all its semblance of credibility, showing it is worse than the old ACA.

On Exco's aide falls to death from MACC HQ

JKS: Teoh Beng Hock's death, while under the custody of MACC, is a completely outrageous tragedy. MACC has finally lost all its semblance of credibility, showing it is worse than the old ACA. Teoh's death must not be in vain.

MACC must be transferred and be governed directly by the Parliament. MACC officials must take responsibility. An independent inquiry and autopsy must be held.

Here are some unanswered questions:

  • Why did he not choose to leave the building as soon as his questioning was finished? Who in the right mind will choose to sleep over in the MACC building?
  • Why didn't he phone or SMS to inform anyone after questioning that he was going to sleep over at MACC? Was his mobile phone taken away or returned to him at 3.45am after questioning?
  • How can MACC allow an outsider, after having been questioned, to presumably roam around in the heart of their offices from morning until 1.30pm, without any monitoring?
  • Who were last with Teoh, what were the last statements taken? How many were with him? Why did he have to be questioned overnight?
Concerned Citizen: What was the MACC doing with Teoh, at three in the morning? In the interrogation of any suspect or witness there is always a time limit for the authorities to conduct its investigation otherwise it can be said to be a form of torture through sleep deprivation or prolonged questioning.

I am indeed surprised by what has happened and hope this matter will be thoroughly investigated by the police. It will be enlightening to have the MACC explain this unusual event which clearly has caused concern and attracted negative publicity to Malaysia's anti-corruption agency.

Jay Abdullah: The death of Teoh Beng Hock yesterday was deeply tragic, and so very, very sad. It does however deepen public perception that MACC, despite the new name and the so-called revamping of style and structure, practices selective persecution.

One cannot help but note that the sudden vigour and efficiency of the MACC appears to be directed one way: to members of the opposition. This may or may not be true but the perception is there and most of their actions so far do not contradict this perception.

Malfeasance of any kind is not limited surely just to the opposition. The ruling government too have had their share of those who broke the law in one form or another. But the MACC’s machinery seems to grind slowly when it comes to enforce the law if the law breakers are members of the ruling government.

One cannot be blamed for drawing a conclusion that the government is using the machinery of the MACC to harass, to intimidate and even to bully members of the opposition, in this case, into death.

Reduction of toll charges, sale of low-cost apartments, etc, are nice gestures but it would be a great confidence booster to the rakyat if the government launches a concerted programme of fighting corruption. Let us begin with examining the MACC first.

Soon Lim: Make it a law that the safety of the prisoner or person in custody of the authorities is the responsibilities of the authority who has that custody. There have been far too many deaths in police or other authorities’ custody. How can one disclaim responsibilities while one has all the might to hold someone in custody?

Prema Achuthan: It is time to revamp the MACC due to this horrific death of Teoh. MACC which is practising selective persecution by investigating the Pakatan Rakyat representatives for so-called abuses of cows and cars while Umno’s corruption is swept under the carpet. The whole nation is watching the incapable, handicapped MACC who is just a tool and puppet of Umno.

While the real culprits are enjoying their lifestyle in big palaces the people-loving Pakatan representatives are being targeted. Another three years for Barisan and Umno to go.

CH Siew: My blood boils as I continue to read about the incident. Whatever they try to justify, it does not erase the fact that this person was in MACC custody and died as a result of falling from their premises.

How can the MACC justify itself by saying that they had released him and it is not their responsibility? They interogated him from 5pm till 3am in the morning. Can this be a simple interview at all? How can the minister simply brush this aside and tell people not to blame the MACC?

Already the MACC has done a lousy job and is only a dog to the government and they even try to shed responsibility on the person who died at their premises and in their custody? I am really ashamed to call myself a Malaysian because of them.

Tohkong Mosjid: The following is my open letter to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Dear PM,

Just when I thought of giving you and BN the benefit of the doubt, MACC just spoilt it for you.

I guess you are not going to be able to do anything to punish the people responsible for causing a witness’ death because you don't have the political will to do so.

Just as your popularity ratings are soaring, Nazri just helped you to bring it down lower in no time with his trademark idiotic comments.

If you keep supporting all this kind of nonsense, can you please hand in your resignation as soon as possible to save us further heartbreaks. We are really tired of your rhetoric as we feel everything is so screwed up under your present leadership.

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