Nazri slammed for 'jumping the gun'
Published:  Jul 17, 2009 6:37 AM
Updated: 9:21 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'Pray tell dear de facto law minister, how do you know that he jumped, was not pushed or even was already dead before his body hit the roof.'

Jeremy Tankh: De facto law minister Nazri said: “…and how would we know that he would jump out of the building?"

And how would Nazri know that Teoh jumped out of the building (even before police investigations)? Is he God or was he there with Teoh when he “jumped”?

Nazri continued: “Don't just blame the MACC as being responsible for this. If they (Pakatan) keep accusing them and their statements are made public, the people would form their opinions even before the investigation (into the death) is completed.”

Then Nazri should not also “keep saying” Teoh jumped out of the building to influence the people’s views.

Adcin: Nazri Aziz has been quick to come out to defend MACC and telling us to stop speculating since investigations are still ongoing.

But he goes on to say: “Then he should have gone home (instead) ... and how would we know that he would jump out of the building?”

Now who is jumping the gun. Pray tell dear de facto law minister, how do you know that he jumped, was not pushed or even was already dead before his body hit the roof.

Nazri has apparently made up his mind but he shouldn't be so insensitive as to imply that the poor deceased was some irrational and suicidal person, at least not before investigations have been concluded.

The truth may come out after an autopsy and the police carry out their investigations without fear or favour. But then again who nowadays has confidence in the police.

Nothing but an independent inquiry will now satisfy the public, and as we reflect on the tragic loss of a young man with the world ahead of him, we have to ask ourselves what was so urgent and important that he had to be questioned until 3.45am, resulting in the circumstances that led to his untimely death.

And if we do not like the answer to that question, then let not Teoh’s death be just another unfortunate statistic, but strengthen our resolve to make our country a better place to live in, at least for the young ones of the future.

Malaysian-Thru-And-Thru: Nazri! How can you be so thick-skinned to say that the MACC should not be blamed for the death of this (responsible) youth? The poor chap had cooperated in attending the inquiry requested by the (unfair) MACC goons and for his death to have taken place in the MACC premises.

I would have thought someone in your position would have at least have the brains to think twice before opening your gap to defend these (dumb) officers!

I, as one of the law-abiding citizens of this country, was and am disgusted to read how the entire situation was miss-handled by the MACC, from the time they rounded up all the PKR and DAP state reps for questioning to the time (defenceless) Teoh was found dead! Do not take us for fools.

I would like to make it clear to you that in this event, MACC is guilty until proven innocent (that is, if the inefficient and equally unfair police force really gets down to the crux of this matter).

Ong: Nazri asked other people not to jump to conclusions “before the investigation (on the death) is completed”. However when he said: “How would we know that he would jump out of the building?”, he is actually jumping to the conclusion that Teoh Beng Hock jumped even before an investigation had commenced.

Before the conclusion of a proper investigation, the possibilities I can think of are Teoh Beng Hock:

  • accidentally fell out of the building on his own, or
  • accidentally fell out of the building as a result of a struggle with unknown person or persons, or
  • deliberately jumped out of the building, or
  • was criminally pushed or thrown out of the building by as yet unknown person or persons.
Being the type of person he is, I won't be surprised if Nazri has already arrived at a conclusion even before any investigation had started that the last probability was not possible.

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