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Anti-ISA movement 'betrayed'
Published:  Jul 31, 2009 10:34 AM
Updated: 10:08 PM

your say Next time, before issuing any statement, I suggest the Gerakan Youth chief to think carefully first. Don't say you support GMI then withdraw at the last minute.

Selangor Anti-ISA Fan:

The last-minute pull out by Gerakan Youth from the GMI gathering to abolish ISA clearly shows that it is an immature body. Maybe it is due to their incapable Youth leader.

They tried to submit their own memorandum to the king today, but it was not even planned properly. They didn't even know that they need to inform the palace officials first. So obviously, their memorandum was rejected.

Next time, before issuing any statement, I suggest the Gerakan Youth chief to think carefully first. Don't say you support GMI then withdraw at the last minute. It is better not to issue a statement on something which you are not sure of.

Soo Beng: It is in bad taste that Gerakan Youth issued a statement in support of GMI and to confirm joining the peaceful gathering tomorrow, and a day before the event, its Youth chief went to submit the memorandum himself, which the palace did not accept. Moreover, it also withdrew its participation in the peaceful gathering.

I suggest next time, the Gerakan Youth chief should not issue any statement which could mislead the public.

Orang Kecewa: Saya berasa amat kecewa dengan sikap Ketua Pemuda Gerakan Lim Si Pin yang memang pengecut besar.

Setelah memberi kenyataan untuk menyokong perhimpunan yang dianjurkan oleh GMI pada 1 Ogos, 2009, Pemuda Gerakan telah batalkan janji mereka. Ini memang jelas bahawa Ketua Pemuda Gerakan memang seorang yang mementingkan kepentingan politik diri sendiri. Rakyat tidak mahu pemimpin sebegini!

On Permatang Pasir state rep dies

P Dev Anand Pillai: Pakatan Rakyat had better get its act together and choose a right candidate for Permatang Pasir and not fight over who should be the candidate and from which member of the coalition he should come from.

Since it’s a PAS seat, the best member who is now available and who can contribute greatly to the welfare of the people of Permatang Pasir and Penang generally and also because he is a proven politician who can transcend race and religion, is none other than Mohamed Sabu.

He is a close associate of CM Guan Eng and that would augur well for the state government. They should start cracking immediately and ensure that a handsome majority is achieved.

The momentum must be kept on the government so that reforms are immediately pushed forth and implemented without further delay. A win here would be a great motivating push for further cooperation and consolidation of Pakatan.

PAS must take this opportunity to prove to those who have supported them that they did not betray their trust by having discussions with the other side. This is a chance for PAS to redeem itself and prove to the people that it is indeed with Pakatan.

On National Service - the suffering continues

Loh Seh Kim:

My only child has been selected for National Service (NS) next year. I have closely followed NS news from as long as I can remember ever since it has been initiated. Daily, we still hear of parents including some NGOs and politicians asking NS to be abolished due to the high number of deaths of NS trainees, negligence, food poisoning, dirty drinking water, bad hygiene, the risks in the forms of training, molest and rape, fights, etc.

Such worries are not confined to parents of any particular race. It crosses the boundary of all races and for their children of both gender. Please do not say we are overprotective because it is our duty to protect our children from such risks.

Besides, not all children are suited to the kind of tough and strenuous training promoted in NS. Every child's physical make-up is different. Some are born to love sports but not all. Please do not force every child to fit into the same shoe size because they are not the same. Therefore, I make a plea to our government to abolish the NS.

Educated in Australia Too: I am so very impressed by the sacrifice made my our home minister in sending his daughter to Australia for her university education. By doing so, he has made another place available in our local universities for another Malaysian. Syabas.

My parents made that sacrifice too, though we really didn't have much of a choice then.