PKFZ - when will MACC spring to action?
Published:  Aug 13, 2009 11:54 PM
Updated: Aug 14, 2009 4:03 AM

vox populi small thumbnail ‘Here we are talking of millions of public money. It is the onus of MACC to spring to action wherever corrupt practice is seen to have been committed.’

SP Kanesin: Don't tell me that a police report must be made for MACC to act on the case of PKFZ and Kuala Dimensi. MACC should immediately take appropriate action so that no evidence is destroyed. Here we are taking of millions of public money. It is the onus of MACC to spring to action wherever corrupt practice is seen to have been committed. Are your wings clipped?

Wong Chee Kong: If the MCA leader (Ong Tee Keat) has done no wrong, come out in the open to confront all these allegations. If you are pure gold, you can burn but you still remain pure gold. As for Tiong King Sing, the most honourable thing for you to do is to spill the beans, all of them, if there are beans for you to spill.

And for Mr PM, this is the time for you to grab the bull by its horns and bring all these culprits to court and behind bars if they have misappropriated public funds. It's more than your responsibility - you owe it to the rakyat. Finally, let's see what the MACC is going to do about all these. Let's see if you guys can walk the talk.

JLo: Receiving ‘donations’ from the owner of Kuala Dimensi and flying for free on the private jet owned by Kuala Dimensi when you are the transport minister overseeing the PKFZ project just reeks of corruption and kickbacks. If he truly is the Mr Clean that Ong portrays himself to be, these things would never happen.

Ong happily tells people that raising money as vice-president of MCA is a non-starter but he fails to mention that while he was VP, he was already the transport minister investigating the PKFZ scandal.

SDC: God help Malaysia and the poor Malaysians! This is the way rakyat's money has been squandered and plundered all these years. From where did these politicians get these billions? Where is the check and balance? This is how the majority of the Malays, greater majority of Indians and the natives, and some Chinese are remaining poor in this land of plenty. We must change. Yes, we must change all the corrupt leaders.

YY: There are generally two common ways by which a dishonest company can bill its client .

It can bill its client for goods or services that were not provided. That's fraud. But this can only be perpetuated through incompetency or collusion on the part of the client because the latter has to approve the payment.

Then there is the case where the company does actually supply the goods or services ordered, but grossly overcharges. Here, the company is not technically at fault. A company is free to quote any price, and it is up to the client to say "No" if the quotation is deemed excessive.

Therefore, 'over-billing' is not the only problem here. 'Over-payment' is no less the primary concern. Should investigations confirm the worst, the signatories approving these payments would have to admit to incompetency or collusion (without overlooking the possibility that people can be both inept and corrupt at the same time.)

On Cops to quiz DAP reps for insulting Islam, sultan

Wira: This is nothing but pure harassment and political persecution or the authorities must be damn ignorant of the Internet where anyone can assume the character of another person to post inflammatory stuffs. Please investigate too the person/s behind the scene to frame YB Anthony Loke. It is pretty obvious that the site which posted the alleged seditious piece was not under the control of Loke.

It is the right of the police to investigate but please do so with Utusan Malaysia too since police reports had also being made. On the issue of YB Jeff Ooi, is calling another person or organisation ‘extreme’ seditious? If so, some ministerial-level people from Umno ought to be investigated for calling Suqui an extremist organisation.

Alagappa A.Nagappan: Whoa... hold on a second, Mr Musa Hassan. Haven't you been reading Utusan lately? Or how about the UITM graduates blog that asked "keling to balik India"? Don't they fall under your Sedition Act 1948? A case of double standards and selective persecution?

On H1N1: Seven more deaths, 51 in total

Yuvan: WHO says that the H1N1 pandemic should not be taken lightly and that at least 20% to 30% of the Malaysian population are expected to be infected with this virus. That means an estimated five million to eight million Malaysians could be affected! This is really scary and very worrying. It is high time our government wakes up to this frightening reality and seriously implement some solid measures to curb the spread of the virus.

The government should close all educational institutions and postpone all public exams. Social distancing must be enforced by way of restricting the operating hours of shopping malls, cinema theatres, restaurants, cafes and all entertainment outlets.

All leisure travels by Malaysians should be curbed and all local airlines should be advised not to have any promotional travel schemes or travel fairs. Malaysians have no choice but to drastically change their lifestyles until the spread of the virus is effectively brought under control.

Jimmy Song: Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai, please don't just tell us how many people had died due to H1N1. All of us know the death toll is increasing each day and it is getting worse. For God sake, do something. Get the education minister to close all schools until the outbreak is really under control.

Serious outbreak needs drastic action - so stop telling us the details of the statistics. Please start working on more solid measures to curb the spread of the disease. This is what we would expect our health minister to do.

Ahmad Zaki: This disease isn't going to stop unless they do something drastic to stop it. To hell with economy, tourism and what not. If we have to shutdown the country for a week, then the government should do so. We are in an emergency right now, the country is going to be in dire straits soon if this disease isn't stopped. Declare an emergency, shut the country down for a week.

Only keep essential services functioning (i.e. power, telecommunications, media, petrol and food), factories should be shut down, schools, universities, industries, everything. If the government continues to be in denial due to their incompetence in handling the pandemic, then they better pray than none of their family members gets infected. Only when it hits their own family, will they realise the loss the common man in Malaysia feels.

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