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What a farce the cow-head incident is turning out to be. The handling of the case so far demonstrates clearly that all that talk about 1Malaysia is mostly cow pie.

Firstly, the police have been slow to act. They concluded their investigations last Tuesday and handed them over to the attorney-general. Now we have to wait further for the august AG to decide whether action will be taken. In this regard, one can’t help but be reminded that nothing has yet come out of the VK Lingam case – long after the Royal Commission of Inquiry ruled that there were grounds for the AG to take action.

Secondly, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein goes out of his way to meet with the protesters, the very people who had committed what is apparently a seditious act by bringing a cow’s head to their protest and spitting at it and kicking it. All because they didn’t want a Hindu temple to be relocated in their area of residence in Shah Alam.

Would Hishammuddin have done the same if it had been Hindus protesting against the relocation of a mosque in their housing estate? Imagine what the reaction of the authorities would have been if that had been the case.

What’s worse, after the meeting, he spouted the most diabolical doublespeak and politicospeak when...

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