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Battle royale - all should be equal before the law
Published:  Sep 17, 2009 11:42 PM
Updated: Sep 21, 2009 9:59 AM

your say 'Karpal Singh is facing a sedition charge for suggesting that the Perak sultan be taken to court. Will they now charge the Negeri royalty for trying to bring Johor royalty to court?'

Prince: Cops sitting idle on royal bashing

Meloya : If it proves to be much of a problem, take it up at the next rulers conference. After all, it is only a quarrel between cousins!

JI7 : Please don't waste public funds to settle your feud. Please settle this within the palaces. Perhaps agree that you can't step into Johor and he can't step into Negeri Sembilan.

Zainon Ahmad : Karpal Singh is facing a sedition charge for suggesting that the Perak sultan be taken to court. Will they now charge the Negeri royalty for trying to bring Johor royalty to court?

Mano: Royalty or no royalty, Malay or Chinese or Indian or whatever race, the police force should not only be neutral but to be seen as neutral.

Habib Rak : All should be equal before the law. Investigation should be done without any fear or favour. Now wake up please.

Barrister at Law: There are numerous crimes that have been committed in the country and people are awaiting justice, these ranges from hit and runs and snatch theft victims who have suffered grave and serious harm.

Here we have a fight between cousins. The victim who has now called a press conference was able to smile when photographed with his injuries. I would appreciate it if these royals whom I believe we have adequately supported as taxpayers can spare us their problems.

I find the Negeri Sembilan prince's complaint somewhat strange, as I remember his uncle clamouring for immunity for royals shortly after the judgment made in favour of a particular bank. He seemed to think that this immunity was all of a sudden necessary to protect the rakyat.

I cannot in my living memory remember a royalty who wanted to help the rakyat but was halted due to lack of immunity. I trust that the investigations will encompass the nature of the beverages consumed by the parties concerned.

Baiyuensheng : I thought it's a criminal offence to carry firearms and threaten the public. What more, assault with said firearms? Hope the police can uphold justice without fear.

'Stop S'gor takeover or DIE' letter to Khir

Rocky : Anyone could have sent the letter. Have we not heard of insider trading or robbery done by people from the inside? I'm sure the police will investigate. but that said, rational Malaysians do not believe in violence and instigating hate like Section 23 residents.

John Smith : Yes, this is the right way to go about politics. Threats, violence and killings. Perhaps someone should start a secret police unit to dispose of inconvenient politicians when Pakatan Rakyat takes over the federal government?

Eugene : If it's true, apprehend the criminal then. But who's willing to bet that the police will jump immediately on their toes to investigate as soon as possible? Surely Mohd Khir Toyo will have a lot of special treatment.

Lim Chong Leong : Firstly, you are no threat to the Selangor government. In fact, you make people vote for Pakatan with your silly antics and your outright corrupt and racist ways.

Secondly, no one wants to kill you before you repay all your ill-gotten gains from the people of Selangor. Your rotting in jail will be comfort to some.

Uthaya: 'Axis of evil' destroyed Buah Pala

Ragavan Menon : Thank you P Uthayakumar for speaking the truth. Yes, we have to stand on our own feet. All this talk about multiracial Malaysia and Malaysians are utter nonsense.

Ranjit Singh : The fools in Pakatan think they can take the Indians for a ride in the next election because Indians have no choice. We will make the people understand what is the meaning and power of abstention. We will teach both BN and Pakatan a lesson. We have suffered enough.

Call me Jibby : Three million Penangites do not need to waste millions ringgit from the state coffers to acquire the land just to make Hindraf happy and gain their political mileage. Even most of the villagers have already accepted the compensation.

Petestop : Another politician in the making, I would suggest the so-called Human Rights Party to participate in the next by-election, and test their power, since it seems that they have political ambition.