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Leaked papers: Cabinet should resign
Published:  Sep 19, 2009 10:13 PM
Updated: 10:17 PM

your say 'I think what is at risk is the position of the many incompetent personalities involved who have grossly failed in their pledge to serve the rakyat.'

Malaysia Today 'attacked' after PKFZ expose


It’s such a shame for the cabinet ministers to pretend not knowing the entire PKFZ fiasco when all along they were alerted by the Finance Ministry, the EPU (Economic Planning Unit) and the PM’s Office. All members of the cabinet should take responsibility for the PKFZ fiasco and resign en masse... or better still commit harakiri!


There you go again. Rather than answering the allegations on the cabinet document, Najib Razak wants to investigate how Malaysia Today got hold of them. Do you really think all Malaysians are that stupid, Mr PM?

Malaysians Are Not Stupid: Mr PM, you got it all wrong. You should not be angry that this secret document is "leaked" out. In the first place, it should not be classified as a secret document unless there are things to hide, and obviously there are many.

How is the security of this country affected by releasing these information to the rakyat? I don't see any. Mr. PM, can you see any? I think what is at risk is the position of the many incompetent personalities involved who have grossly failed in their pledge to serve the rakyat. It's a case of "harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi".

You should be angry why they attempted to cover up and not that these information are so-called "leaked" out. As a matter of fact, you should be happy it did as you claim you are the great champion of performance and the rakyat.

Mr PM, time to ditch your slogan, "rakyat di utamakan". The rakyat is waiting to see if you are all noises and no substance or you are a person who is as good as your words.

Syamil Silmi: I'm not quite sure whether the unnamed source said about DDOS attacks was accurate. Certainly after the TV news discussed the matter there was much interest in those leaked cabinet memos. Malaysia Today's downtime could have simply have been too many people trying to access the website at once, and that the server couldn't handle the load or the bandwidth allowance was exceeded.

Nevertheless, congratulations on RPK for having opened up this issue. I don't think anyone is surprised by the government's reaction. Shooting the messenger is a time-honoured practice.

Paul Warren: I agree with the prime minister. This document should not have been revealed over the Internet. It should have been carried by the print media instead. Indeed the scoop should have been granted to Utusan Malaysia.

So may I suggest that the PM instructs all classified documents be published immediately before the renegade Raja Petra Kamarudin, or Pete, or RPK, publishes them on Malaysia Today? Why give him the scoop for?

One more thing. When I read the expose of the cabinet papers, there was an element of doubt about its authenticity. Now that the PM has acknowledged it with the commencement of investigations I guess I now have no doubts about the authenticity of those postings.

Nathan Roberts: In true Malaysian government style, cover up is the name of the game. Shift the attention to the whistleblower over the method of providing this public with the rightful information it deserves and just conveniently forget about the fact that the documents exposes a seriously corrupt act.

Geronimo: I wonder why the cabinet paper should be classified under the OSA (Official Secrets Act). Are the contents a threat to national security or to the BN? Taxpayers' money have been flushed down the toilet over the incompetency of those concerned and we have the right to know, every bit of the sordid detail, like now!

John Smith: In other countries, a government which has lost the trust of the people calls a snap election to seek a fresh mandate. In Malaysia, it is viewed as the people's fault for not supporting BN enough and hence the people get punished.

Borneoman: "However, the veracity of the document which bears the then second finance minister Nor Mohamad Yakcop's signature, has yet to be ascertained." Wasn't he the one who made the country to lose billions in forex trading previously? He must be the world's leading expert in turning a country into financial ruin.

The wonderful part is that he is still doing the same thing repeatedly instead of being sacked a long time back.

Ong: If the purported cabinet papers are not authentic, Najib wouldn't have said that the documents are covered by the OSA. Since the documents are authentic cabinet papers, it would appear that the formation of the cabinet's PPFZ super task force was just a charade to make fools of the Malaysian public.

It appears that Raja Petra expected Najib's charade and he deliberately delayed publishing the PKFZ cabinet papers to give Najib's government enough rope to hang themselves.