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'Pakatan needs to get its act together'
Published:  Oct 13, 2009 8:10 AM
Updated: 3:31 AM

your say 'Paying lip service is not good enough; more needs to be done for the poor of every race. A fair policy on race relations is urgently needed. Work your hearts out to reach the hearts of every one.'

PAS VP tells why non-Malays ditched Pakatan

Pakatan For Race Relations: Pakatan Rakyat needs to get its act together. It is time the opposition coalition had a conference where controversial policies/decisions can be debated for a win-win situation.

Paying lip service is not good enough; more needs to be done for the poor of every race. A fair policy on race relations is urgently needed.

For example, we need to redress the racial imbalance in civil service appointments. Look what happened to the appointment of a Chinese as head of a government agency in Selangor. Pakatan's response was pathetic.

Not all is lost, however. Work your hearts out to reach the hearts of every one. It can be done if Pakatan leaders realise that being in power does not mean you can ignore the rakyat.

Umno did that and they paid for it. Now they are trying to mend fences; but they cannot as it is against their philosophy. Pakatan needs to cash in on this.

Mathew Alexander: The results clearly show that Anwar Ibrahim should reconsider the position of PAS in Pakatan.

The people are sick and tired of extremists such as Hasan Ali and Nasharudin Mat Isa. If Pakatan doesn't settle these issues, they might suffer at the next elections just because of some rotten apples.

It's time for Anwar to set things straight.

Kelvin Lawrence: Mr PAS vice-president, what a terrible explanation. You obviously do not have any evidence for it. Tian Chua's explanation is probably better. My speculation is that these Bagan Pinang folks voted for BN as did the people of Terengganu in 2008. A case of sufficient ‘goodies'...

TP Wan: This is a very good result. This is a wake-up call for Pakatan especially PAS. Start practising what you preach - ‘PAS for all'.

In Selangor, Hasan Ali needs to stop his beer ban, concert ban, etc. Selangor comprises of non- Muslims too and we are part of the ‘all' in ‘PAS for all.

Between the devil and the deep blue sea, the people of Bagan Pinang chose a corrupt leader - the devil they know rather than the PAS devil they don't know.

PAS has to learn to tread the middle ground and learn from Indonesia where its Parliament rejected an Islamic state and opted for a secular constitution.

PR Marginalizes Indians: Deepavali is around the corner. Where are the festive banners from our elected leaders? The Pakatan menteri besar has only one miserable banner in Dataran Shah Alam.

None in Tengku Kelana - the Indian hub of Selangor. Batu Tiga rep Rodziah Ismail has none. DAP has none in Petaling Jaya. At the Taman Bahagia LRT station, the Hari Raya banner from the DAP MP is still there - no Deepavali banner.

Last year, the DAP banners had no Tamil writing. The SACC Mall owned by PKNS had no Deepavali decorations. The MPPJ head office still Hari Raya greeting banners.

There is no harm in still having these but where are the Deepavali greetings? Some 70 over percent of the Indian voters in Bagan Pinang switched to BN because of all this neglect.

If Pakatan keeps up this racial marginalisation and neglect, 90 percent of the Indian votes will go to BN.

However, I must commend the Klang mayor for allowing all those stalls at Tengku Kelana for Deepavali and not disturbing the traders. A thousand thanks from the Indians of Selangor.

We'll keep you in our Deepavali prayers.

Peru: PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub is living in denial. Salahuddin knows that it is because of a PAS problem (Hasan Ali and his Islamic state) that the by-election was lost.

Still, he has the audacity to blame the loss on the whole Pakatan team. He should resign. The whole lot of PAS extremists should be kicked out. Only then will the Chinese and Indians vote for Pakatan.

Uzbek Kebzu: The people have spoken. They have made a choice, so please respect that. Or have Pakatan leaders forgotten the meaning of ‘people's power', ‘Makkal Sakthi" and ‘reformasi'? Don't be a case of ‘sour grapes'!

Chuath: Pakatan has not shown itself to be a team. It does not seem to be able to stand up and speak clearly on what its direction is.

It is not seen to be working but is spending its time and energy fighting within itself. So if we cannot trust Pakatan on a pragmatic level, it becomes 'the devil we know rather than the devil we don't'.

Hence, unless Pakatan really pulls up its socks, perhaps if we vote BN, eg, in Kampung Kerinchi/ Pantai Dalam, the roads can be cleaned, the traffic problem solved, the hawkers relocated, etc, etc.