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Outcry over result of VK Lingam case
Published:  Oct 23, 2009 6:39 AM
Updated: Oct 24, 2009 8:09 AM

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"When a politician was wrongly accused of complaining on the level of noise from a mosque, she was arrested under ISA. When it comes to investigating an RM2,400 discrepancy in an invoice, the person being investigated died in the MACC office."

Sharp criticism on 'no action' against VK Lingam

Soapbox: Pakatan Rakyat should state the obvious - that the BN government and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak are carrying on business as usual.

Just wait three months before the next general election, blow up the issues of the tape, royal commission findings and demolish the credibility of Najib and the BN. To start doing it now will be counter-productive. Supporters get tired. Hammer home the issues just before the next election.

Louis: Joke it must be. No case against those implicated? The evidence is so glaringly clear that even one without legal training can see them. We are digging our graves.

Already it was reported the other day that the Aussies were reluctant to invest in Malaysia because of the alarming crime rate. Now with the judiciary in a shambles, without clear cut directions as indicated in the rulings on Perak crisis and lately the Gobind Singh suit, it further adds to their concern. This latest episode further adds to the negative perceptions that they already have.

We have to wake up. Do not place individual interest above the nation's. MACC must really be seen to be fearless. Even when the case involves the prime minister, it must not hesitate to act. On this score we trail badly behind the likes of Taiwan and Thailand that spares no one in high position. Taiwan has a former president sent to jail for corruption and Thailand had prosecuted its former prime ministers. We are driving away investors.

P M Moey: When a politician was wrongly accused of complaining on the level of noise from a mosque, she was arrested under ISA. When it comes to investigating an RM 2,400 discrepancy in an invoice, the person being investigated died in the MACC office.

However when it comes to "big shots", and despite the royal commission's recommendations, the case was hushed-up. Now tell me, is this the kind of government that we want come the next general election? To all right-minded rakyat, please be smart and vote wisely.

Jane: This bombshell should overshadow whatever alleged gains by BN in Bagan Pinang. Dr M and Najib are looking out for each other.

Ministry explains why no open tender for submarines

Alien: The defence ministry tries to sound intelligent, but it only reflects upon themselves as undisciplined, corrupt, crooked third world mentality type corroborators. If we do not want to be exposed than build it ourselves. Why let the French refurbish it?

P M Moey: This smells more like a cover-up for corrupt activities rather than protecting the weaponry secrets. If the government indeed wants to keep the submarine deal a secret, then why should they be engaging a middle man like Abdul Razak Baginda to do the wheeling and dealing when the govt should be dealing direct with the submarine maker. I really smell a rat!

John Smith: If you were serious about hiding the national defence infrastructure, then we would not know about the submarines at all. Why was the wish to buy submarines so sensitive, but having placed the order it becomes safe to tell the world? Ah I get it, we must protect the BN crony special retirement fund against enemies.

Nedunchelian Vengu: Who is the enemy? Our enemies are within our country; those guys with uniforms in government agencies. We need a submarine to attack them? This is a mere waste of tax payers money. The RM270 million per year could be used to upgrade schools and hospitals. There are parties who are benefiting from this closed tender.

6 months' jail, RM3,000 fine for 'cop biting' MP

Sherman Wong: The comments can be summarised as follows - if Tian Chua is found guilty, it must be by a corrupted judiciary because he should be allowed to do punch act bit as he likes as he is innocent, no matter what. If he is found innocent, then the court has backbone and has upheld justice. It's a foregone conclusion, regardless of reasoning and evidence.

Chipmunk: Why am I not surprised? VK Lingam and gang with all the evidence to prosecute them walks away scoot free despite the findings by the commission. Now we have a learned judge who without substantial evidence making a judgement against one party and too bad, it happened to be about a Pakatan Rakyat politician.

Alexander Yuan Xjin Kai:

"Although the video recording did not show the biting, I believe it did as the policeman had testified that he had punched the accused and Chua had retaliated by biting," said the magistrate. Wow. Since when a judge can believe an oral statement by someone without proof? Only in Malaysia!

Fairnessforall: This judge is really ignorant. Doesn't he know that an accused must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? He obviously does not know his job if he is passing judgement based on hearsay!