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PAS spring-cleaning: Kudos to Tok Guru
Published:  Oct 24, 2009 6:33 AM
Updated: 10:38 PM

your say 'Good job, Tok Guru. All parties should do the same, kick out the troublemakers. PKR has one too. Anwar should follow Nik Aziz's lead.'

Nik Aziz wants EGM to 'axe' Hadi?

X Roy: Nik Aziz Nik Mat is a man of honour. He has no need for a Datukship, he's Tok Guru and the Guru speaks. It is because of the likes of Nik Aziz that we, the non-Muslims, voted PAS in. The way Abdul Hadi Awang and Hasan Ali are behaving will take the votes away from PAS at the next election.

Cala: It is more of a differences in political ideals within PAS on certain subjects. Unfortunately, the two big guns in PAS do not see eye to eye on certain party policies. The good news is the clash at the top is issue- driven which can be solved under appropriate institutional structure in PAS. Communication is the key.

Mohd Fadzli Kadir: I agree with the clean-up but why must they target only PAS and PKR? Jeff Ooi and Ronnie Liu from DAP must also go. If not, people's perception, especially the Malays, about Pakatan will get worse.

Maggie Lim: Good job, Tok Guru. All parties should do the same, kick out the troublemakers. PKR has one too. Anwar should follow Nik Aziz's lead. Giving excuses not to take action will only make the rakyat angry and reject Pakatan Rakyat in the next elections.

Reality check: During the Bukit Gantang by-election in Perak, we have Indian and Chinese friends proudly carrying and displaying the green PAS flag. But after this Umno ‘mole' Hasan Ali appeared, many like me have lost their taste for PAS.

I think Hasan has reversed all the goodwill built up by the good PAS leaders. He has done much damage to PAS image. PAS should gift Hasan to Umno.

Ahmad Kamal: My respect for Nik Aziz has grown over the years since the reformasi in 1998. Nik Aziz and the late Hj Fadzil Noor are rare leaders in PAS and in the opposition history of the country. Fadzil Noor's speeches during reformasi were priceless. Nik Aziz has lived long enough to understand the political priorities of the day.

Habib Rak: I must congratulate Nik Aziz. He had taken effort to explain his objectives and why he is doing it. This is how all leaders should be. I shall look forward to a PAS EGM that will reassess some of it current leaders in particular.

To all PAS members, I hope you shall vote for a united and strong Pakatan Rakyat.

Chandroosubra: This world is going through changes and this change is one of the Charles Darwin theory - evolution. So get rid of those who are not aligned to Pakatan.

Duke: Pakatan leaders, don't take non-Malay voters for granted. I can tell you that we are beginning to lose faith in you. It would be better to vote for Barisan Nasional than to see a PAS-Umno government.

Gk: There must be something seriously wrong with the PAS election system the last round where people deemed losers before balloting emerged winners. It is best that PAS get rid of these problematic leaders. These are 'white ants' that can eat up the strong foundation of PAS, and lead to the collapse of PAS and Pakatan Rakyat if they are not removed.

Md Imraz Muhammed Ikhbal: I couldn't echo Tok Guru any louder. Thorns within the flesh will have to be removed lest they shall become cancerous.

A fresh line-up of leaders will inject a new blood into this Islamist party and perhaps rejuvenate it to manifest the true meaning of Islam - not the chauvinistic imposition of religious standards unto others but rather a democratic advocacy of righteousness and morality.

Pah Eng Cheong: Very good, PKR and DAP should also do likewise to sack the 'dead wood' in their camps. There are still a lot of 'loose cannons' in PAS that must also go. These are the kind of people that cause Pakatan to fall.

Louis: Nik Aziz, the most respected political leader in Malaysia. There is really no need to call for a PAS EGM. Just ask those three recalcitrant politicians to leave and join Umno.