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Dr M's mega-project mega-spin
Published:  Oct 27, 2009 7:44 AM
Updated: 11:52 PM

vox populi small thumbnail ' He started the trend of giving out contracts without tenders because by doing so he was able to give the contracts to his cronies at extremely inflated prices and siphon off taxpayers' money.'

Dr M: Mega projects are good for the economy

Dr Rapik Saat, PhD: I have to agree with his Keynesian economic view - when spending and investment by private sectors are stagnant, the government needs to step in and spend to stimulate the economy.

Our latest GDP is at -4% and we are worrying about a deficit? The idea to spend is right, but I definitely do not disagree with most folks here that the implementations could be better.

Wira: Mega-projects under Dr Mahathir Mohamad basically meant mega-payoffs to Umno/BN politicians.

After that, they became mega-millionaires in getting the Koreans, the Japanese, the Indonesians and others to do the job.

He might as well take the money and lend them directly to the poor at very low interest rates to help them to be self-sufficient and self-employed.

KSS: More spin from Mahathir. He started the trend of giving out contracts without tenders because by doing so he was able to give the contracts to his cronies at extremely inflated prices and siphon off taxpayers' money and then share the loot with the cronies.

Some brave and principled Malaysians like Ani Arope (the TNB chief who objected to the IPPs (independent power producers) were removed by this ruthless and greedy dictator when they objected to this type of robbery.

Today, there are estimates that in one year the country could loose about RM25 billion as a result of un-tendered procurement and contracts. At this rate, with over 20 years of Mahathir's premiership, the amount ‘lost' by him and his cronies would be in the region of several hundred billion ringgit.

Is it any wonder that he has openly declared that he would leave the country if Anwar Ibrahim comes to power? He is hoping to go and hide somewhere and not get caught.

Abused Indonesian maid dies

Margaret Durant: I am so angry at those animals who caused Mautik Hani's death. I hope the Malaysian courts will find those guilty and send them to life in prison.

Those two creatures who abused the maid should never be allowed out into society ever again. They bring tremendous shame to us all. May they rot in prison and die a painful slow death.

Maggie Lim: It disgusts me to see such cruelty. No one has the right to abuse anyone. The abuser/abusers must be punished severely. It brings shame to us, Malaysians.

People will think we are all like that. Come on, maids have feelings too. How would you like you or your family members to be abused like that? I just cannot take this. I am so angry.

Job: I recommend the most severe punishment for these people, and without mercy. They make thousands of Malaysians who treat their maids well look guilty.

Indonesians will think that all Malaysians are cruel.

Sabah PKR at odds over Anwar's pick

Hello: PKR must respect the wishes of its members from Sabah. If it continues to disregard them, then the party will not maintain its toe hold there.

And if that's the case, the next general election is lost for the Pakatan Rakyat. Pakatan will have to look to the DAP to make further inroads in Sabah if PKR relinquishes its leadership there.

It's a sad day for Pakatan.

Parvinder Kler: For those of us who have never forgotten Anwar Ibrahim's disgusting role in the 1994 state election, this is of no surprise.

However, how can anyone trust Jeffrey Ktitngan, the ‘katak' extraordinaire? PKR Sabah is finished. But did it ever really had any chance of success with diktats from Kuala Lumpur a la BN and a local leadership fighting for political spoils?

Yong Teck Lee is laughing all the way to the bank/parliament!

Brij Jayaram Kathiravelu: I don't support Anwar Ibrahim unilaterally appointing PKR state, and divisional leaders but I think state leaders must toe the line and respect decisions made by party leaders.

If political leaders don't respect party decisions, then they should leave the party. Politcs is not just about the individual but about the rakyat who 'lend' their power to the politicians to allow them to serve the rakyat.