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Perak assembly: 'There'll be hell to pay'
Published:  Oct 29, 2009 8:14 AM
Updated: 12:17 AM

your say 'Perakians will awaken from their peaceful slumber and there will hell to pay for all that is taking place today. A true and great Perakian son will bring back justice to this proud state.'

'Passed': Perak budget by BN, 3 motions by Pakatan

Spokenthots: Another successful, BN project - capture Perak at all cost. The people are expendable and don't worry about the Perakians, they will get over it.

After all, Malaysians are very forgiving. Give them a project and they will forgive you. Superb training over the last 50 years. Don't worry about all the technicalities, BN can resolve them to stay in power.

Pakatan wake up, you don't rule anymore and your Perak assembly is no more sacred. The sanctity of that institution is no longer visible.

Neutral bodies are roped in to do the unthinkable. What to do but vote Pakatan at the next general election. Enough of this nonsense by BN.

Perakians will awaken from their peaceful slumber and there will hell to pay for all that is taking place today. A true and great Perakian son, Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin will bring back justice to this proud state.

Stand fast Nizar, for you stand at the threshold of history as a true son of Perak. Fighting for her abandoned people.

Chipmunk: Truly another new chapter by Malaysians for Malaysians (or is it for BN by BN)? Never in history did we have double dose of laughter, sadness, resentment as in this Perak state assembly episode.

BN seems to have been prepared with their ‘gangsters' and cronies but one can never take away the hearts of the people, the rakyat.

I guess it's countdown for Perakians and BN. As long as their so-called elected reps don't bother to practice self-restraint and continue to be arrogant, BN will only lose the battle.

Chan Kong Art: The sultan allowed this to happen and now it is now not going according to plan so the only right thing to do now is to end it.

BN was given his ‘blessings' to take over, and nothing has come of it. And after BN ‘seized the chair' they have not managed the state assembly.

So morally, the sultan must end it. Call PM Najib Abdul Razak in, like the last time but this time do the correct thing. Let the rakyat decide.

Jefferson76: If you need 20 ‘guards' to protect you as you sit on the speaker's chair, then you don't belong there!

Lim Chong Leong: The whole Perak state has been taken over illegally and by ‘gangsters' using brute force. We may have to learn from history and from countries like France or Russia to regain the people's rights. Rise, Perakians.

Gk: Seriously, the Perak sultan needs to do something concrete to end this fiasco. We cannot ignore how foreigners look upon Malaysia now. With this fiasco prolonged, not only Perak is affected but the whole of Malaysia too. Please do something, sir.

Chee Hoe Siew: I am following the development with much concern. While both parties fight, those who suffer are the people. I think it is time for both teams to sit down and talk, remove their party lines and think of the welfare of the people.

John Smith: Pakatan Rakyat, you are being unfairly treated by people who are not following the rules. I suggest you all resign today in protest.

You cannot get the Perak assembly dissolved; but at least by putting almost half the seats up for by-elections together, you dissolve half of it to seek a clear fresh mandate.

Job: Oh, my god! These PKR guys as my state reps? What have we done? I cannot understand the logic of their behavior today, behaving as if they are the legitimate government.

Is serving the people who voted for them not an issue anymore? My rep is nowhere to be seen. Isn't waiting for the next general election (no matter when it comes) not better for them if what they say is true?

They should win 57 seats at least. No! The grand plan is to upset every state assembly held till polling time so they can remind the people.

Funny, but the last time I checked, their popularity is waning. I, for one, don't like the position taken by them today at all. One vote lost.

Fly Emirates: I have given up on Malaysia. Najib Razak - you can fool some people sometimes, but you cannot fool them all the time.

Bet you Lee Kuan Yew is laughing his socks out how stupid Malaysia has become lately. Seems like foreign and local investors are agreeing with him too with the poor foreign investment figures.

National Sucks: The people of Perak have been deprived of their fundamental rights as a citizen. This state has been placed under politicians and their cronies who have no fear or love for God.

This will turn out to be the biggest joke of the year. Najib Razak preaches ‘1Malaysia' but the things that he does and condones simply tells you he is a hypocrite.

Louis: Why not settle the issue once and for all and call for a fresh election? I hope the sultan hears our plea.

We, as the rakyat, feel so ashamed of BN highhandedness and we do hope His Highness sees it the same way.