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Bring home the diaspora? Renounce NEP
Published:  Nov 15, 2009 8:34 AM
Updated: 12:36 AM

your say 'Tell me something, son of Abdul Razak, is the culture of plunder going to stop under your watch? If not, stop enticing us into coming back.'

PM vows to bring home talented M'sian diaspora

Doc: Mr PM, do you remember in the 80s, you unsheathed the keris and hinted to the non-bumis if they are not happy, they are free to leave. In recent times, Krismmuddin had done the same thing repeatedly, and hinted to the ‘pendatangs' that they can leave if they are not happy.

Guess what? The pendatangs and non-bumis had actually listened to you (and Krismmuddin) and left the country for greener pastures. Those with talent, brains and are hardworking are continuing to leave Malaysia. You should be glad that there are people who are actually taking your advice.

DohDoh: YB Najib, your dream is also the dream of many Malaysian parents whose children have emigrated. To realise your dream and theirs, you will need to admit that since 1969 the number of Malaysians emigrating have been increasing year by year.

Don't you think the emigration has been largely due to the NEP as it was during those times that the NEP was implemented and with the enduring years, its implementation became more and more intense?

Maggie Lim: People with brains can think and they think the laws in this country stink. They see no future here for their children. They see unfairness and racism. They see education in the country is going down the drain, especially with the reversal of Maths and Science to Bahasa and mother tongue. Some of my friends have just migrated to another country with their children because of all this.

I sent my son abroad too and you can bet that he will not be coming back unless he has no choice. Do you think, as a parent, I like to see my only son going to another country? I have no choice because I know a better future awaits him there with less racism and equal opportunities and better education.

Do away with all the unfairness and NEP. Bring back English schools. Have equal opportunities and you will see the brains staying or coming back.

Disgusted: Very simple, Najib. Do away with the bumiputera/non-bumiputera distinction. Have merit-based recruitment of teachers and lecturers for schools and universities and the selection of students for admission into all public universities. The same criteria should apply for all posts in the government, GLCs and all other sectors of the economy.

Clean up the civil service, police force and judiciary and make them independent of BN, not compliant. Do away with crony monopolies which cause cost of living to be high such as tolls, electricity, water, APs, etc. Enforce law strictly and fairly without fear or favour. No one is above the law, including yourself.

Respect the constitution, and do not keep interpreting it as you or Umno would like when it comes to religion. Take Malaysia back to pre-Mahathir days and make it a secular country with moderate Islamic tendencies and do not enforce Islamic rules on non-Muslims. Make Malaysia a cheaper and safer place to live in with lower cost and better standard of living for all.

Loh Wan Hung: It's so easy to attract back talents. Renounce the NEP, abolish the quota system, let the best person be appointed to the job, help all who have difficulty surviving regardless of race, ban religious political parties, yet reaffirming freedom to practice religion for all individuals.

AllSaintBoy: Who in the right mind would leave the land where they were born and raised, up to three generations ago, and put down roots among the Mat Sallehs, and see their kids lose their mother tongue and cultures?

In Canada, where the winters are long and cold, where no decent Malaysian meals can be had, where stale Thai durians costs RM16 per pound, we have put down our roots. Why? Where do I start?

Canada's present governor-general is descended from Haitians, the last one born in Hong Kong of Chinese parentage. The just retired chief administrator of Toronto, the largest city in the country, is a woman with the name of Shirley Hoy.

The CEO of Rogers Communications, the largest Wireless and Cable company, is Nadir Mohammed, an Ismaili from East Africa. Sure, there is discrimination here and there, but nothing that is legislated like here in Malaysia. It's all about how level the playing field is, Mr Najib.

Boonpou: I once met Anwar Ibrahim when he was speaking at Columbia University. After his talk, when we were mingling about, he asked me and others from Malaysia if there was a chance we might consider teaching at Malaysian universities. We laughed, and Anwar laughed as well. He then paused, before continuing, "How about when the situation gets better?"

See, "we" would consider, as Anwar is aware, going back to Malaysia and contribute to the country when the situation gets better. Most definitely not now, especially when the culture of plunder has not stopped for the past 50 years, not just by Umno and its poodle components but the royalties as well.

Tell me something, son of Abdul Razak, is this culture of plunder going to stop under your watch? If not, stop enticing us to come back.

Kgan: I don't think from his speech, Najib really understands why talented Malaysians prefer to work overseas. If he doesn't understand, what steps can he take to reverse the brain drain. I'll give him a hint - priority over skin colour instead of meritocracy.

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