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Kota Siputeh: 'Umno sure to win court appeal'
Published:  Nov 18, 2009 12:00 AM
Updated: 12:02 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'This is like what was done in Perak. First, the courts will say this and then upon appeal, they will overrule the previous decision. Mark my words, the next decision will be for BN/Umno.'

BN to accept court decision but will appeal

Tan Teng Wah: BN simply has to accept the court's decision. Is there any need for the PM to state the obvious? To appeal is, of course, their right. But the worrying part is the extreme likelihood of the judicial process being wrecked/hijacked like what happened following BN's seizure of power in Perak. Keep your figures crossed.

Selian: This is just play-acting, like what was done in Perak. First, the court will say this and then upon appeal, they will overrule the previous decision. Mark my words, the next decision will be for BN.

Louis: He, the PM, knows he's a sure winner when the case goes to the higher courts. Looks like the lower court judges are more well-versed in the law. Just look at what happened to ousted Perak Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaludin's case.

Chankweechye: To appeal against any court decision means you do not agree with or accept the findings of that court. Period. Don't give us idiotic explanations.

Paul Warren: ‘If we can appeal, we will appeal' But isn't this a case against the Election Commission? What is BN responding for? Or for that matter, why is the prime minister responding? Isn't the EC supposed to be independent?

Perak Boleh: Why is Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak suddenly so civil? If you, Najib, are dead serious on respecting the court's decision, please instruct the good-for-nothing Abu Hasan and the EC not to appeal, and have another by-election.

On the matter of brain drain, there's no big surprise there - with Umno still practicing cronyism and racial polarisation policies, why should foreign talent come to Malaysia and why should local talent stay?

Badrul, the 'missing' Klang rep reappears

Rayfire: The nerve of this guy to turn up after so long to pose questions to try and please his new boss. Badrul, you are a disgrace to the Port Klang constituency. You didn't win because of who you are, but which party you belonged to.

That is the truth. If you dare, relinquish the post and stand again as independent. I'm sick of these ‘frogs'.

Roti John: At last, the ‘frogman' has appeared after been missing for so long and now he's trying to show off how diligent he is.‘I think he made his appearance today because he might be afraid that what happened to the Kota Siputeh representative may befall him as well. Rest assured, this is his first and last term.

Katak Enforcer: Finally, the ‘katak' has manifested itself after all the pretense and acting. If you were to look at his appearance, you'd notice ‘sin' written on his face and this sin will eventually eat him up for sure. To the people of PKR, be patient and let nature take its course for him and the three infamous ‘frogs' from Perak.

Female genital mutilation: 'Don't touch the children'

Disgusted: I didn't think it would be practiced in this country. The Koran, Bible and Torah all say that God only made a covenant with Abraham to have male offspring circumcised. So where did female circumcision come from?

It is only practiced in some African countries which later adopted Islam as a religion. Perhaps some Muslims thought it is more Islamic to adopt this practice.

They have warped minds in thinking that this practice takes away a part of the female body which allegedly enhances her sexuality and encourage promiscuity. Looks like we are heading into a dark age come 2020.

Dr Mohamad Nasrin: In Islam, female circumcision is not obligatory. Even when practised in Malay society, it is not done as it is done in Sudan, etc. Over here, it is only a small cut.

If this is what the writer thinks about female circumcision, I dread to think what he would write in regards to male circumcision. I think the writer could have employed much more tactful language and a softer tone when addressing this issue for it touches on the Malay understanding of Islam.

Concern Citizen: You're right. No one should be allowed to touch a female's private parts without her consent. The Almighty God knows better - he created every living thing in the world and his creations have no flaws. So why try to ‘rectify' God's creations? Who are we to act against the natural?