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'Haul up Negeri MB for questioning too'
Published:  Nov 28, 2009 7:47 AM
Updated: 11:56 PM

vox populi small thumbnail 'How many of these transfers by our politicians have gone through under Bank Negara's radar? Why only take action when alerted by the opposition? The rakyat's money is being sucked out by these people.'

Bank Negara probes Negeri MB's RM10 mil fund transfer

Gem : Punish the money changer, and end of story? What about the person who used that money changer? What was that remittance of so much money for?

Louis : In the end, there'll be no case. Read my lips: No case. When former Selangor menteri besar Muhammad Muhammad Taib was caught with a bagful of cash in Australia, what action was taken? Remember the currency controls then, when we could not even send 10,000 Australian dollars overseas without permission.

Hardtail : Shouldn't someone be probing Bank Negara? How many of these transfers by our politicians have gone through under Bank Negara's radar? Why only take action when alerted by the opposition? The rakyat's money is being sucked out by these people.

Wisdom4 : If it is true the Negri Sembilan menteri besar was involved in such transactions, Bank Negara Malaysia and the MACC should spring into action. Haul up the MB for further questioning. The said transaction contravenes the foreign exchange regulations of the country. The MB should appear in court to face charges.

Two separate parts in Bala's SD, explains PI's lawyer

Pak Ubu : The gravity and seriousness of Bala's reappearance and his recounting the ordeal he and his family went through cannot be overemphasised. An entire government - nay, an entire nation - is being judged as to whether it's fit to even exist in the real universe where integrity exists!

Saengch : Excellent writing by Malaysiakini that keeps building and clarifying the legal, factual, contextual, logical points to educate the readers. If only more Malaysians would read these pieces carefully.

Are articles like this translated into Malay? Are some of these articles syndicated to others widely circulated Malay publications? The Malaysiakini news and analysis archive is highly valuable and probably underutilised and inadequately searched.

Zulkifli: I thought the defence should have called Musa Safri (PM Najib Razak's aide) to testify as well. But the defence lawyers chose not to do that to protect those who were not charged in court and everybody knows who.

This was clear when Altantuya's cousin mentioned a name we cannot mention. The lawyers were not there to protect their clients' interests but to make sure their clients get hanged.

I don't know where their conscience had gone to. If the Appeal Court were to hear the arguments, it would not able to favour the appellants as their evidence had no weight at all.

Najib told to answer Bala's claims

SameSame : Where is Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak anyway? Still in Trinidad and Tobago sipping Jamaican rum and smoking Havana cigars? You think he is going to answer all these questions?

Teh : After so much news regarding this being published in Malaysiakini , we still don't have any response from Najib, his wife, his brother or this guy, Deepak. The silence is so loud.

And the silence will only get louder and louder. Burying their heads in the sand is not going to make this thing go away.

Ablastine : I feel that the drop in national competitiveness has very little to do with the alleged involvement of Najib in the murder. Rather, it is the structural weakness inherent in our economy and society brought about especially by the NEP that is taking its toll and now manifesting in hard figures.

The talent drain over the years has curtailed the dynamism and effectiveness of Malaysia to perform. If Malaysia is to survive in the globalised world this has got to be the ending chapter of the Umno government.

X'roy : The office of the prime minister is being compromised and the prime minister is the least concerned. Why this uneasy quiet from our news media? Is this not news every Malaysian should be concerned with?