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"Politicians were mice (politikus)

and the rakyat were bosses

once upon a time -

And now it's back to same old same old...

That's twice upon a time!"

Events since the Malaysian peoples' tsunami on March 8, 2008 have led to a sense of frustration over the performance of Malaysian politicians on both sides of the political divide. All over cyberspace, agitated Malaysian bloggers are questioning the differentia specifica of BN Cola and PR Cola and pondering the necessity for a third force in local politics.

It is tragic yet inevitable that Malaysian politics should so quickly deteriorate into the political circus we see in the west where the voters are given the choice of Democrats or Republicans, Labour or Conservative. As the song goes,

"Laugh about it, shout about it,

When it's time to choose -

Anyway you look at it you lose!"

Soon after the political tsunami, I wrote about some of the inconsistencies of Malaysian politicians during those days of hope. Since then we have seen Pakatan Rakyat frogs jumping into the BN and turning into moronic oxen. Another latter day Malaysian oxymoron makes out that May 13 was "naturally orchestrated"! Where do you get these guys!

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