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Jet engines: 'We need a better story, AG'

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your say 'Rather than prosecuting the rank-and-file that managed to pull of this brilliant smuggle, we should promote them to be the heads of our security agencies.'

Rank-and-file behind theft of jet engines

Freemsia: Let me get this whole story right - low-ranking officers were able to sneak out two huge RM50 million jet engines without getting detected by army security and without any authorisation from top officers and then proceed to contact a foreign buyer in Uruguay, have the engines sent out without raising suspicions from our Customs Department.

Then get paid millions after selling the engines, deposited the money into their accounts without being known by Bank Negara? Or maybe they deposited the money in a Swiss bank account?

If the government actually decided to sell this story to Hollywood, the movie would flop. Somebody get a better storyteller for the government to spin something more realistic.

Mangodurian: Rather than prosecuting the rank-and-file ‘ikan bilis' that managed to pull of this brilliant feat of smuggling, we should promote them to be the heads of security agencies and the armed forces.

Without any help, they managed to find a buyer, steal the engines from the repair shop, smuggle them out of the air force facility, pack and ship them out of the country, arrange for payment through a proxy and keep it under wraps for two years.

This is much harder than smuggling cash or a few gold bars. I say, promote these brilliant dudes!

Steven KC Poh: Does the attorney-general think the rakyat is dumb enough to believe that there were no higher-ups involved? He wants us to believe that the rank-and-file were powerful enough to escape the eyes of the air force, the Customs Department and what not?

This AG has to be sacked immediately. Please. Next time, at least come out with a better story.

This is Malaysia: Haven't you had enough of the people in power feeding us lie after lie and treating us citizens as dimwits? It begs the question as to how this AG can sleep well with such a state of affairs on his conscience. Let all readers do the needful at the next general election.

PaachNair: Wow. The rank-and-file can do wonders. Even in such highly secure areas, things can go missing. The defence minister should resign for the loss of such costly items.

Kanesin SVS Sappania Pillay: If, as alleged by AG Abdul Gani Patail, that the rank-and-file were the only ones involved in stealing and selling the two jet engines, then they would have sold it as mere scrap metal to our scrap metal dealers. It could never have been sold clandestinely in the international market as alleged. Hence, they are mere scapegoats, as usually the case.

Cala: I feel sorry for Abdul Gani. His teachers in the law school would probably deny they ever taught him law before. As a well-trained lawyer who now heads the AG's Chambers, he is expected to have provided a more convincing storyline pertaining to the circumstances under which the two jet engines were stolen. If he cannot, he is simply not fit for the chair. No one in this forum believes him.

Benny: Such a major loss and attributed just to rank and file? Our PM should instead promote these rank-and-file to higher office. Dispose of the senior officers who were sleeping on job or who were unaware of what was happening around them.

Where were all the controls, procedures, approvals, etc? Assuming no senior officers were directly involved, what about charging them for irresponsibility and negligence? The top people in charge of the air base must be held accountable for this loss.

Looi Kin Choon: These jet engines are highly technical. The log books are kept in a separate place and the keys to them must be held by senior officers. We also don't believe that low-ranking officers have the technical know-how to negotiate and deal with the buyer so some highly-trained personnel must have been involved. It's not just a Proton car engine. Don't make us laugh till we die.

Kenneth: I am so very proud of our air force rank-and-file. To be able to steal and sell fighter jet engines is no small matter. It involves technical knowhow, knowledge of market supply and demand, as well as great logistics.

This, mind you, coming from only junior personnel. Can you imagine our senior officials? Rest well, folks, you know that our country is well-protected.

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