'Not all is well in Pakatan Rakyat'

Modified 30 Jan 2010, 11:26 pm

your say 'PKR has a turncoat called Zulkifli Noordin. PAS has its own version called Hasan Ali. Are PKR and PAS afraid that by taking stern disciplinary action, these two will defect and pave way for an Umno-led BN takeover of Selangor?'

PAS suspends Khalid 6 months, warning for Hasan

Lim Chong Leong: Now you see why Barisan Nasional will forever rule Malaysia. We can't even tell the rotten apples from the good ones. How are we to get the people's confidence? The cow-headers are rejoicing and probably having another tea party. Sorry, PAS, you just lost my vote.

Clearly: Well boys, there goes your party that has a c hapter for non-Muslims credibility. Punish the fair-minded, keep the religious zealot. The next time you ask your friends to vote PKR and in the end they win, expect to see their true colours. Then blame Umno for trying to be more religious then them.

Kopi O: PKR has a turncoat called Zulkifli Noordin. PAS has its own version called Hasan Ali. Are PKR and PAS afraid that by taking stern disciplinary action, these two will defect and pave way for an Umno-led BN takeover of Selangor?

But by merely slapping the wrists of these two and imposing an unjust six months' suspension for Khalid who has been steadfastly loyal to Pakatan Rakyat, PKR and PAS are telling voters: ‘Don't worry. If you give us your votes, we will be like Umno.'

We can expect this notorious duo to create rifts in Pakatan Rakyat in the near future. PAS and PKR have just sowed the seed of its own destruction.

Kgan: Who caused damage to PAS - Hasan Ali or Khalid Samad? Hasan was once considered a one man wrecking team to Pakatan just like Zulkifli Noordin now. Khalid will be forever loved as the progressive, moderate and tolerant Islamic leader.

The one who damaged PAS got away with a warning and the one who made PAS palatable to non-Muslims got suspended. Where is justice? But I hope Khalid just ride out the suspension, he is assured of a place as an elected official in the next general election, while the writing is on the wall for Hasan.

PAS Cannot Be Trusted: From now till the next election - I will personally go all out to get as much support as possible to ensure that PAS looses all seats in Selangor both at the state and parliament level, except one. And that seat will be Khalid Samad's.

I am a non-Muslim - but I say that this nation is blessed to have a leader like Khalid - a person of uncompromising integrity, a true Muslim with a heart beating for all Malaysians and the audacity to push his all encompassing agenda even at the risk of his political future. My hats off to you, sir! Hasan Ali, please move in with Mohd Khir Toyo in his...

Patrick: Why is Khalid Samad, a progressive PAS member, who has no fear of stepping into a church, or having serious dialogues with interfaith councils, getting slammed, while Hasan Ali, an individual well-known for attacking Selcat, Liow Siew Moi's appointment to PKNS, and meeting with Umno directly after the results of 2008 elections, gets away scot-free?

And not to mention PKR's Zulkifli Noordin saved by a minority vote, with its leaders allowing him to run his mouth off with more flamebait material? With these decisions, it would appear that neither party is interested in curbing its fringe elements, and is instead silencing its more dynamic members. The poor man's Umno indeed.

Gk: I think we should not view the decision negatively as there are many liberal ones in PAS. If we forgo our support for PAS because of this, which option can we go to? Umno? Definitely not.

I feel that we should not let our disappointment override the goodwill shown by PAS liberals. Give the hardliners a chance to think over whether their hardline stand will bring them any good. If not, we go back to square one.

Christians have 'ulterior motive', says PKR's Zulkifli

Maroondah: Zulkifli, why are you always seeing an enemy behind every tree? Get real. Christians print this kind of booklet all the time, but they are duty-bound to distribute them only to non-Muslims, as required by Malaysian law.

Just because these evangelistic booklets are printed in Malay doesn't mean it was targeted at Malay Muslims. There are non-Muslims who understand only Malay, in case you're not aware.

So you concerned that Muslims would read the booklet and get confused. How different would it be if he reads the same contents through the Internet? Do you want to ban the Internet as well?

Argonist: Yes, Zulkifli, the Christians have an ulterior motive, but not the way you said it. Our motive is to unite all peoples in the love for Allah the Almighty so that there is no hatred and so that justice and peace prevails.

This is possible without everyone being in one religion but within their own. Except, of course, for people like you who cannot see the unity of Muslims and non-Muslims. Your arrogance will surely bring the downfall of Malaysian solidarity.

Singa Pura Pura: In fact, it is not that ulterior a motive at all. Are you so blinded that you see it not? The motive is purely to stand up to Umno and Barisan Nasional. The name of God just got caught in the web of Malaysian politics. And politics is a parlous game for us in the Malaysian opposition, is it not?

Christian Malaysians are not in the least bit interested in covertly converting Muslims. They, as in other Malaysians, are human beings standing up against repression, oppression and subjugation.

Keturunan Malaysia: Zulkifli, you are either projecting your own weakness of faith on fellow Muslims or you are insulting their intelligence.

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