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Nasir Safar has resigned: 'Now what?'
Published:  Feb 4, 2010 8:16 AM
Updated: 12:27 AM

your say ‘Umno has been getting away with sedition for so long, while the opposition has been charged simply for asking the police to cease investigations against colleagues.’


Najib's aide to resign over 'racist' remarks


Will he be charged for sedition, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein? Resigning must not save him from the long arm of law. He has to face the music. Umno has been getting away with seditious statements like this for so long, while the opposition has been charged or investigated for simply asking the police to cease investigations against colleagues.

Azmil Tayeb: The remarks are so seditious that he should be charged under the Internal Security Act. Double standards are expected from Umno/BN. If any opposition or ordinary person had said the same thing, they would have been detained already.


Zamani: Nasir Safar is a disgrace. It is sickening that a person holding public office in the Prime Minister's Department can stoop so low and has got the guts to say in public what he said about the Indians and Chinese.

It shows the rotten state affairs in the Prime Minister's Office and events behind the scene. It is a sign of institutionalised racism. The least the prime minister can do is to sack him and charge him with sedition.


Dr Suresh Kumar: My friends, especially Indians, please don’t buy into this lie. This appears to be  pre-planned by our Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. Najib knows that the Chinese have abandoned him and that the Indians can be the king-makers in a couple of constituencies held by Pakatan Rakyat.

The Indians and Chinese are humiliated and he knows very well that they will protest. Then he will fire Nasir and look like a ‘true’ leader for those whose support he is trying very hard to win back.

Mano: Come on, rakyat, you cannot be so easily fooled by this ‘sandiwara’ (theatrics) being played out for Umno to gain back the non-Malay votes. This Nasir guy will be amply rewarded for being made a scapegoat.


Multi Racial:

I believe there is a Nasir Safar among the many of us. Racists who, given the slightest opportunity, would speak their racist minds. But this country cannot afford to have Nasir Safars in high places regardless of their race and religion.

The government should make it illegal to be racist. Otherwise, this country will never be at peace. In the US, if someone uttered a racist statement, the whole country would condemn that person.

Here in Malaysia, it is the reverse. It’s the politicians and media who instigate racial disharmony. When are we going to learn that we need each other to move forward?

12 police reports filed against PM's aide


What were these goons doing when almost every other Umno leader out there was frothing at the mouth and screaming about ‘Ketuanan Melayu’?  There wasn’t even a squeak from these people. There is a whole battalion forming, led by a ‘frog’ in Perkasa endorsed by Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Why have they been silent about that? You only jump on the ‘small fish’.

Funny Fella:

Make police reports - this is the best that the MIC and MCA can do. Nasir King will come out with an explanation that everything was misinterpreted, taken out of context and it wasn't supposed to mean anything. He’s a special officer to the PM, after all, nothing will happen to him.

Life will go on as usual, MIC and MCA will still remain beggars in BN. Leave BN now, you two, while you still have some pride and face left. Or get kicked out like stray dogs in the near future.


Daniel Tan: It’s almost guaranteed that this case will again be swept under the carpet. I wonder - what's the point of involving the police in this? The police would only be serious about investigating if the case involved a Pakatan Rakyat figure.


PM aide's 'racist' remarks spark outrage

KJ John: This is totally unacceptable, by any Malaysian standard. Nasir Safar has no business being anywhere near the PM's office and should be dismissed. That is, if the PM wants to keep his so-called ‘1Malaysia’ agenda alive.


Jiminy Qrikert: Nasir Safar is a racist bigot and uneducated. Like him, other Umno Malays refuse to accept the reality of the contribution of Indians and Chinese to the building of this nation over the last 100 years.

They continue to insult us, threaten us with May13, expunge our history as Malaysians and descendants of people who gave everything to make a life here in this land. They do their utmost to provoke us to run riot on the streets so that Umno can impose martial law and wrest the whole country by force.

This is extreme provocation. We all know that nothing is said that is not first vetted by and sanctioned by someone with the level of authority in Umno. In this case, Nasir is a 'special officer to...'

We must all stand steadfast and resist the temptation to fight, to riot, or even to level any accusation at our Malay brethren who accept us as equals.  


Karma: It was reported that in a Biro Tata Negara (BTN) session last December, several parents wrote to New Straits Times and The Sun about racist remarks made against Chinese and Indians. Until now, nothing has changed. Yet, without proof, fingers are pointed at DAP ‘racists’.

They know no one will prosecute them. If it was an opposition figure, the police would arrest the person in the wee hours of the morning perhaps even have him/her arrested under the Internal Security Act.


Tan Kian Khim:

I'm just waiting for Hishammuddin Hussein and Rais Yatim to blame Malaysiakini for reporting this incident and 'inciting race-religious tensions'.

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