Rosmah: 'When Najib gets angry...'

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your say 'Rosmah's statements (about Najib) hardly paint a flattering picture for someone who is trying very hard to portray himself as a caring and sensitive PM of the people.'

Rosmah denies pulling Najib's strings

Daniel Lazaroo: "If he is angry, there is no forgiveness for you." Hmm... so Anwar Ibrahim's opposition scored so well in the last elections and infuriated BN such that there's no forgiveness? Is that the reason behind the fake sodomy charges?

Private investigator P Balasubramiam lodges a statutory declaration implicating Najib Razak in Altantuya's death, and next thing we hear is that his family is threatened and he has to leave the country ?

If they truly want to clear their names, Najib and Rosmah Mansor should have allowed themselves to be fully investigated by the authorities - rather than changing the prosecution team at the last second, resulting in a clearly botched and poor investigations.

Changeagent: Rosmah's statements like 'I like to have friends unlike Datuk Najib', 'if he is angry, there is no forgiveness for you', and 'if he stomped his feet, I will shudder' hardly paint a flattering picture for someone who is trying very hard to portray himself as a caring and sensitive PM of the people.

If anything, it strongly suggests that Najib puts up a public persona which is different to his own real personality.

Foo Fighters: "If he is angry, there is no forgiveness for you". This sentence sounds fishy. Like a warning to everyone. To whom, eh?

Jonathan Willie: "If he is angry, there is no forgiveness for you." Goes to show you how some leaders lead by example. Others lead by fear.

The Atheist: ‘Rosmah said although Najib was a man of not many words, he should not be underestimated.' Najib, you can stomp your feet till the cows come home, but Rosmah will still be in her Seventh Heaven shopping for her never-ending branded shoes, handbags, etc.

If however Rosmah stomps her feet, then it's a totally different matter. The household will tremble and Najib will probably get into foetal position for self-preservation.

But then, such is the power of women, especially this Boadicea of a woman .

Robby Lim: Rosmah Mansor seems a good wife. Women of all walks must be like Rosmah and take care of their husband so as not to do anything to stress him out. Congratulation, Rosmah!

However, my advice to Rosmah is - relinquish all your appointments and be a woman to Najib Abdul Razak, our beloved prime minister. Support him closely. Show the public that you are a good housewife, the First Lady, a friend, a companion and good citizen to not only Najib but all Malaysians from all walks of life.

Don't engage in business. Otherwise, you will be branded as one who uses Najib and Umno in order to make money, as (Najib's brother) Nazir and Mokhzani Mahathir and other Malay billionaires.

The world is nowadays very cruel especially when a Malay individual become successful at an early age. Billionaires of other races, however, would be described as ‘truly business-minded.'

Magnus: ‘The 'First Lady' dismisses the notion that she is the hidden hand behind PM Najib's decision-making process.' To Malaysiakini with due respect: May I suggest that you please stick to the facts and not publish misleading errors (whether yours inadvertently or MSM's/Bernama's by repetition) in your captions/articles here.

I am sure you are aware that in a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, the prime minister's official spouse is never formally or informally addressed as ‘the First Lady' as that formal role reference is always reserved specifically to address the formal official spouse of the Malaysian who acts in the role of the nation's formal head of state, and that Malaysian as you well know is the current Yang Di Pertuan Agong (YDPA).

So it is always the incumbent YDPA's consort, the Raja Permaisuri Agong, who is the one and only official formal First Lady.

Lusiapa: Why can't this woman behave like her predecessors who, in their time, conducted their public role with dignity and grace befitting the spouse of the head of government?

In a short space of less than a year, instead of endearing herself to the nation, she has made herself among the most hated woman around. Her obsession for publicity and attention as well as her unrestrained extravagance and arrogance rightly deserve the wrath of the people.

The nation is not interested in what she or her husband does within the confines of their home. Those trivial disclosures mentioned in the above article are not going to redeem their already un-redeemable public image, that's for sure.

Artchan: Najib is as hen-pecked as he can be. How else can you explain her following him on every imaginable trip? I know some wives follow their husbands on business trips to keep watch on their nocturnal activities. But hell, no, I cannot imagine our beloved PM would do such a thing.

Akmal Ariffin: Some of the comments given in Malaysiakini are truly the work of intelligent Malaysians as they are so witty and quite funny (including mine). However, this article looks like a shooting gallery for commentators.

Having had a field day flogging the poor woman, let's have more of her philosophical rants and pants. Whatever... Long Live Malaysia!

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