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'If Anwar jailed, even more will vote Pakatan'
Published:  Feb 22, 2010 8:11 AM
Updated: 12:24 AM

your say 'Many believe that even more voters will support Pakatan if Anwar were to be jailed. In fact, BN stands a better chance at the polls if it stopped the charges against him.'


'Pakatan will prevail - with or without me'

Jiminy Qrikert: If Anwar Ibrahim is jailed, BN, Umno and Prime Minister Najib Razak loses. If Anwar is freed from the charges, BN, Umno and Najib will definitely lose. The rakyat merely has to wait. I have one precious vote - I will cast mine for the future of Malaysia.

Wong Chee Kong: Many believe that even more voters will support Pakatan if Anwar were to be jailed. In fact, BN stands a better chance at the polls if it stopped the charges against him. But like all things, they may not think so. Let the outcome speak for itself.

Danny WK Lai: Is Anwar goes to prison, the votes for Pakatan will rocket up and topple the present government. Come what may, it's people power that will determine who is the righteous and just government.

Keturunan Malaysia: Anwar, good that you said again what most of us already know.

Nurul: I'm going to vote against BN. I'm not in any party but here's a small list why I don't like the BN administration:

Dr Mohd Khir Toyo's istana (palace) - disappeared jet engines - VK Lingam tape - death in MACC's hands - police abuse - RM500 million commission for the Scorpene submarines deal - the Perak froggies - the RM2 million political secretary, Altantuya Shaariibuu murder - the erasure of immigration records - corruption in the judiciary - Dr Mahathir Mohamad's billionaire son - PM Najib's billionaire brother - the sultans' millionaire children - poverty - Umno's racist games - the use of bumiputera quotas to get rich - the Internal Security Act - and so on.

Multi Racial: Malaysians are against corruption, racism and interference in the judiciary, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, police, Attorney-General's Chambers and other government bodies. The frequent interference has caused those responsible for these agencies to behave as if they are working for BN.

We don't think the present BN leadership have the political will to reform because the rot as gone to the core.

Yes, we vote opposition, not because we like them, but because we believe they are more likely to put in place reforms. If they don't, we will kick them out again in the next election.

So, all politicians - watch out. There are no more free tickets or free meals. If you don't have what it takes to reform our system to be multi-racial and free of corruption and to focus on greater efficiency and unity, don't stand as representatives in the next election. If you are corrupted or racist, just leave this country. We will be better off without you.

Louis: A vote for BN is a vote for corruption. Voting for BN is literally voting Bankrupt Negara.

Christ follower: Anwar, you must walk the talk, not talk just for the sake of getting victory you promised for Pakatan. Your must fulfill your promises. Otherwise, PKR will also get kicked out.

Unless you treat all Malaysians of all races and religions equally, the rakyat will lose trust in Pakatan. God bless Pakatan.

Voter-get-Voters campaign: Please don't stop at just voting BN out. Casting your votes for Pakatan is not enough. We have to canvass for more to vote by initiating our own ‘voter-get-voters" campaign, as espoused by blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Carry out your own voter-get-voters campaign through chain e-mails, by word of mouth, during social gatherings, and so on. Pakatan needs to win by a massive majority so that the evil BN cannot cheat by fraud or froggies.

Rayfire: Anwar, please do make sure that contingency plans are in place in case it really does happen. I would also appreciate it if you would help clear out all the weeds in PKR and Pakatan in general to ensure we have a strong credible team to rely on.

Please remember, there will be no more sympathy votes from rakyat. You have to earn it this time and, most definitely, we will scrutinise each candidates this time, especially those from PKR. You can't afford to place lame ducks on the forefront this time.

It is true people are unhappy with BN, but that alone will not ensure Pakatan will get our votes this time. Form a formidable team with strong dedication to turn this country's future around, God willing, Pakatan will be in Putrajaya after next general election.

I have started my own voters-get-voters campaign, not to vote Pakatan, but for voters to think it out and vote for our nation's future.

Noo Gonk: Yes, I believe with or without Anwar, Pakatan will win the next general election and form the federal government. When this happens, let's go after all the corrupt people, from former PMs down to ministers, to heads of agencies, and so on.

Every single sen of the ill-gotten wealth amassed by these corrupt people, whether ordinary people or otherwise, must be recovered for the benefit of the people of Malaysia. Amend the laws and the federal constitution, if need be, to achieve this grand objective.