One Israel, 1Malaysia and Apco in between

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vox populi big thumbnail 'Whether it is true or not is immaterial but suspending an MP just because you do not agree with him is a blatant abuse of power. BN still hasn't learned that we have a two-party system now.'

BN moves to refer Anwar to privileges committee

Kgen: What's wrong in saying 1Malaysia is a carbon copy of One Israel when there are similarities? Whether it is true or not is immaterial but suspending an MP just because you do not agree with him is a blatant abuse of power. BN still hasn't learned that we have a two-party system now.

Abusing your power means more fence sitters get sickened and support Pakatan. So go ahead and dig your grave deeper, BN.

Keturunan Malaysia: Do whatever you wish BN, but remember, one day it may be your turn at the other end and you will have no reason to complain. Fate is at most time unpredictable, but trust me... fate is quite predictable when comes to spitting skywards, the spit usually lands on the face of the same person who spitted.

Charley: It seems Umno never learn. Good. Go ahead. Take action on Anwar. Set a precedence and many of Umno MPs will be suspended too, otherwise this is double standard. Do you seriously think that by eliminating one man you can perpetuate your rotten rule? You forget about voters' perception. Further victimisation will bring in more votes for PKR.

SedarAlim: Why are we wasting time and energy when the country needs its leaders to help the people? Looks like it is a diversion and trying to make the people hate PKR. Remember, people are not fools and these things will hit BN hard at the next GE. Trust me my friends Nazri Abdul Aziz and KJ (Khairy Jamaluddin).

Do not play, play - there has already been one issue this week where the Orang Asli have voiced to say that they are not Malay but Orang Asli. Is that not a slap, then what is it?

Ahmad Iqhbal: Wasn't it Umno that not so long ago was accusing Anwar of being supported by the US and that he was a spy? The real crime here is the amount of money that the PM is spending to promote his sloganeering, and that he is paying a company from another country to do it, and the said company has ties to Israel.

How can they possibly justify punishing the opposition leader for saying what he has said when they are guilty on so many levels.

Kanasai: Shouldn't Najib be referred to the privilege committee if the Kelantan oil issue of three nautical miles is not true? This is more meaningful than this 1Isreal or 1Malaysia where the people of Kelantan were badly treated by federal government.

Gem: This is a petty move by BN over a small matter. So what if someone points out the similarities? There is One Israel, and there is 1Malaysia, and Apco in between.

Arul Inthirarajah: Why would APCO admit to anything? They are a PR spin company after all. Duh!

Ferdtan: Go ahead and suspend Anwar. The more you hit him, the more sympathy he will get. The police stopped his public ceramah, charged him with sodomy twice, countless accusations - some childish and stupid - appearing in mainstream media, and many more.

Watan: Why report to the cabinet, Nazri? Have you forgotten separation of powers principle in a democracy?

Zahrain slams Malaysiakini over Washington report

Victor Johan: Zahrain Hashim, why are ashamed when the truth is revealed? The rakyat, especially the Bayan Baru electorates, are not stupid. Your Umno traits certainly prevails within you. I understand that Wee Choo Keong was ex-MP Bukit Bintang under DAP ticket. He lost his MP seat because of a court order. He later started misbehaving in DAP before he was shown the door.

He went on to form Malaysian Democratic Party (MDP). He later lost badly in the elections. PKR did not allow him to join them. But later, while still with MDP, he contested under PKR banner in 2008, and of course, won with Pakatan Rakyat's support.

Now he has shown his true colours again. Bye bye to you both come GE13.

Tan Kian Khim: Zahrain has already adopted the classic Umno-BN modus operandi - he did something wrong, then when it got reported and exposed by Malaysiakini , he immediately attacked Malaysiakini . Pull up your pants, Zahrain, your Umno-ness is showing.

And kindly resign as MP of Bayan Baru: the people want a proper representative to serve them, not a self-serving turncoat like you.

Gen2: These rejects from PKR are in a state of denial. They are trying to delude themselves, thinking that they are being highly sought after. Actually, they look like stray dogs running after the tails of another pack of dogs, hoping that they will be taken into the pack.

Cala: For Zahrain's information, many Malaysiakini's subscribers are not Pakatan members. But if we assume that half of them are party members of one of Pakatan coalition parties, I cannot see how Malaysiakini can be faulted as if it is part of the cohorts that work for Pakatan.

Zahrain fails to appreciate men wear many hats in modern times. I maybe a Chinese, a research student, a consumer, a registered professional engineer, a member to a temple, a karaoke club member, and a toastmaster club of a PJ branch all in the same breath.

Therefore, to imply that Malaysiakini by carrying the said piece of Washington news is doing good for Pakatan, and bad for the BN, is being simplistic in reasoning.

Changeagent: Reading through all the comments so far, no one has actually said anything good about Zahrain. I thought I'd start the ball rolling by telling you all what a nice, caring and helpful person he really is.

Case in point, I started a RM2 company a few months back, and Zahrain wanted to help me win a multi-million dollar golfing development project. Seriously, think about it, any right thinking person would have rejected my bid and stopped me in my tracks, but Zahrain was so kind that he entertained my devious plan for only a small amount of kickbacks and benefits.

Now that you've heard my side of the coin, I'm sure you'll agree what a nice, caring and helpful human being he really is.


Gov't rejects automatic registration for voters

Clearwater: Another idiotic statement from the Minister in the PM's department. Automatic registration is not akin to mandatory voting. You can be registered to vote but still not vote on election day.

To vote or not to vote is ultimately the voters' choice; registration gives you the right to vote but not necessarily the compulsion to vote. Not having automatic registration for all eligible citizens is not choice.

It is probably another layer of manipulation and bureaucratic hurdle used by BN-Umno to frustrate true democracy.

Gk: This guy is so weird, no common sense at all. Why we need to do the double work by going through another process of voter registration. Just make it convenient for the rakyat. You make it automatic for voters, and who knows, we could vote for BN by virtue of you being considerate.

Lim Chong Leong: Someone should collect this guy's statements and publish them as a joke book. It will sure make money. Who says the government don't create investment opportunities.

Karpal finds loophole for independent MPs

Dr Mahendran Markandoo: It's a good idea for the frogs. If they do not take neither of your suggestions, do a public survey on their constituents do see whether the rakyat want them to continue to be their MP. Otherwise, ask their constituents to chase them out as they had voted for them because of PKR.

Wira: This is a good suggestion. May those ex-PKR MPs please take heed. If you are righteous, be absent from Parliament for six months and stand as independents or as Umno/BN-friendly candidates. Go back to the people to exonerate yourselves and let God be your witness.

Azmil Tayeb: Unfortunately they (independent MPs) are opportunists and will never absent themselves without valid reasons. The electorate must come out in full force to demand their resignation.

Fisticuffs on the 'Jewish question'

David Dass: We must draw a line between the state of Israel and the Palesitinain problem and with Jews as a people and Judaism as a religion. If we do not, we will end up in potentially awkward and embarrassing situations - especially in conducting our foreign policy and engaging in international trade and diplomacy.

There will be Jews holding high offices in international agencies, government agencies and in governments throughout the world. We cannot demonise the Jews and then expect our people to behave sensibly when they meet a Jew in some transaction or the other.

MKini Reader: To be anti-Jew is racism. One may not approve of what the governments of Israel, Burma, North Korea or even Malaysia do, one need not be anti-Israelis (and confused to anti-Jews), anti-Burmese, anti-Koreans, anti-South Africans or anti-Malaysians.

Malaysia takes a hard stand against the Israeli government, but the Malaysian ministers seem to be determine to be anti-Jews no matter whether they are ordinary citizens of Israel and people of Jewish descent all over the world, especially those in America, no matter whether they support the acts of the Israeli government or not. So to object to Jewish Rhapsody is as ridiculous as to objecting to Chinese food just because one hates the Tianamen massacre.

When TV3 first began and showed a documentary on a brilliant scientist who happened to be a Jew, a minister criticised the programming because he said people would think that Jews are geniuses! Guess we better stop studying and applying quantum physics as that is Albert Einsten's (a Jew) domain.


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