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'Better to know now than later'
Published:  Apr 19, 2010 11:49 PM
Updated: Apr 20, 2010 8:43 AM

your say 'I can only imagine what would have happened if Halili Rahmat was chosen to stand instead of Zaid Ibrahim, and what would have happened if he went on to win.'



PKR's Halili defects to Umno

Multi Racial: It is a good thing that PKR did not choose him as their candidate, otherwise it would have been worse. Looking back, it is also good that Pakatan Rakyat did not win enough to form the federal government in the last elections. Otherwise, with such members (as Halili Rahmat), it is not just the party but also the nation that will be thrown in chaos.

PKR has to seriously re-invent itself. It is clearly it has serious membership quality issue. Many of the members will never change their attitude. It is more of what is in it for them rather than what they can do for the nation.

I suppose (quality) politicians are rare now. I believe there are many in Pakatan who have such qualities. There are also some in BN, but unfortunately, they are the minority.

It is also about time that all responsible politicians from both ruling and opposition to come together to pass a bipartisan bill to prevent elected representatives from crossing over. It will be good for the country and prevent those corrupted politicians from holding the nation to ransom in the future.

Bernard Chen: For this kind of under-handed tactics, BN/Umno have shown their true colours yet again. Let us show them how we (the rakyat) feel about people who have no integrity, morals or conscience.

BN speaks ill of a man (Zaid Ibrahim) who has repented of his ways, but they fully exhibit the despicable actions of liars and thieves. All BN wants to do is to be able to continue robbing the people of Malaysia and they stoop to any level to do it.

Pemerhati: Halili's timing of the announcement clearly indicates that he is trying to do maximum damage to Pakatan's chances in the by-election because he is very angry for not being selected as a candidate.

Even if, in the unlikely event, Pakatan loses this election, it should consider itself extremely fortunate in being able to remove another unprincipled and greedy frog from its ranks.

SusahKes: I can only imagine what would have happened if Halili Rahmat was chosen to stand instead of Zaid Ibrahim, and what would have happened if he went on to win. These jokers, if they want to quit and remain true independents, fine. But no, they must join Umno.

Doctor, you can go. Trust me, it is a blessing in disguise. As one Malaysiakini commentator put it, we must thank Umno for the cleansing process.

Ismail Saleh: PKR is in the process of de-worming, the more worms leaving the party, the healthier is the party. What PKR need are energetic, competent, cohesive, integrated, high integrity leaders which are the assets for the party and 'rakyat' not worms and frogs that are liability to the party and the nation.

Victor Johan: Umno/BN, please be reminded that the more defections there are from Pakatan to BN or to become independents, the more the rakyat will despise your actions and schemes, and the more the rakyat will be drawn to conclude that Umno/BN's practice of corruption is real and at work. Halili, thanks for showing your and Umno's true colours.

Md Imraz Muhd Ikhbal: Any right-thinking citizen of this country, save as those corrupted, ignorant or misguided, would be able to clearly discern what Umno is, what it stands for and how cancerous it is to the lives of the entire nation.

Those from the opposition who defects to such a party as Umno are indisputably devoid of any sense of morality.

Rather than sulk at this shocking news, the rakyat should instead rejoice and be thankful to God that the party we all yearn to see helm the federal government is slowly but surely undergoing its, albeit painful, chemotherapy treatment.

Blessed aren't we to know now rather than later?

Ng Seng Tong: Had this frog (Halili) served the voters of Hulu Selangor when the late Zainal Abidin Ahmad wasn't able to because of illness, the frog would be the candidate in this by-election. He did not see this opportunity, probably his beliefs and orientation were not to serve but to be served.

Any true wannabe public servant would have smelled this golden opening and benefited by it. So, why the complaints? PKR's selection committee could not possibly have ignored him if he was the voters' choice.

AkuMelayu: Good riddance my foot. It's a bad omen for PKR and Pakatan. Better start packing your bags. Just accept the fact that Pakatan is sinking.

KJ John: I will not judge Halili. He must have good reasons for what he did. But maybe it is time to find out the real feelings and views of grassroots workers and supporters about PKR's leadership style and philosophy. Leadership is often defined by followers.

Jbss: As the leader of a key political party, Anwar Ibrahim has to make strategic decisions. Not all decisions will be liked by some leaders within the party. He must have his reasons for fielding Zaid and not Halili. Supporters should understand and appreciate the difficulty he is facing.

Umno with its massive financial resources amassed over the last 40 years from the nation's treasury through covert corrupt practices will use all of its financial resources and means to buy over weak leaders from Pakatan at critical moments such as the Hulu Selangor by-election.

Paddington Bear: Thank God, he wasn't chosen as the candidate. I feel quite sorry for PKR - it's increasingly looking like a training ground for Umno.


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