Chinese rejection: 'Perkasa the cause'

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vox populi big thumbnail ‘Perhaps Umno ought to delay its ‘allocations' to and affiliation with Perkasa so as to regain the electoral votes of Malaysians of Chinese origin.’

Why punish Chinese voters?

SingaPuraPura: Obviously, Perkasa can never be made to comprehend that the other side of the coin to the Chinese rejection of BN was actually the fanatical, guerrilla theatrics of Perkasa itself as well as the bigoted stance and demands of its patrons.

The flip side of the coin was, of course, the representation-failure of the MCA and Gerakan tied-in together with five decades of Umno's apartheid-flavoured `seasoning' of Malaysia's Chinese.

Perhaps Umno ought to delay its ‘allocations' to and affiliation with Perkasa so as to regain the electoral votes of Malaysians of Chinese origin. After all, Umno, ostensibly, already has the votes of Malaysians of Malay origin - so why would it still need Perkasa, thorns and other similarly-styled zealots by its side?

"Show no appreciation" and "do not know how to be grateful" - supposedly. That's Third World politics as played by third-class politicians.

Daniel Tan: I blame MCA for allowing itself to be used by Umno to take the 25% Chinese votes from Pakatan Rakyat. If 100% of the Chinese votes had gone to Pakatan, we would have succeeded in sending Zaid Ibrahim to the Parliament.

Khairy Jamaluddin, do you know why the Chinese hate the BN government? Go and examine all the racist press statements, the Malay-centric policies that discriminate against the other races, etc. Then you will see clearly why the Chinese will continue to reject BN.


"...Someone who has placed BN Youth and a progressive approach for Malaysians as a priority".

What's so progressive when a man convicted of money politics can still be Umno Youth leader? What's so progressive when RM50,000 of people's money can be given to win votes? What's your take on the Altantuya Shaariibuu case? Anything "progressive" there?

Say, weren't you the guy who chided Indian newspaper vendors for taking time off on Deepavali? Can you be a bit "progressive" by apologising to the Indians? It was your image and Hishammuddin Husssein proudly beaming at PWTC that was part of the tsunami of March 2008?

Can you be "progressive" by apologising to the Chinese when you said "weakened" Malays can be taken advantage off by the former? Najib Abdul Razak and 1Malaysia constitute reform?

Fair player:

It's a pity that not all the Chinese voters voted for Zaid. That 25% did not understand the meaning of dignity. The 75% who did not succumb to BN/Umno's tempting cash offers can walk tall and their votes are more weighty than those votes/voters that were bought.

Those who desire justice, a clean judiciary, police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and government will never kowtow to dirty tactics.

Wouldn't that money be better used for the rakyat's welfare throughout the nation? Why pump in so many millions just to secure a win that is hardly honourable?

Mukhriz: Pakatan exploited emotive issues

Ong: None can beat Ibrahim Ali in exploiting emotive issues

Mukhriz Mahathir disagrees with Ibrahim Ali's suggestion that campaign pledges made to the Chinese electorate should be withheld because, according to him "..there must have been some Chinese who voted for BN. So we can't just brush them off".

He should realise that even if 100% of Chinese do not support BN, they are still entitled to their rights as citizens and taxpayers, so long as the political parties they support are legitimate parties in the eyes of the law. It appears he is becoming like his father.

S'gor police pursue 'claim' against Malaysiakini

Chee Hoe Siew: Now who is making the false accusations? Mr Kalid said " Malaysiakini published the news but had it removed". Just because other reporters told him does not even warrant as proof but only hearsay. Simply put, he is making wild accusations without a single shred of evidence. Is this how the police operate nowadays?

Daniel Tan: The police must cease bullying the New Media that are not the mouthpieces of BN. They should instead investigate racist Umno papers like Utusan Malaysia which have carried worse seditious reports.

Eugene: Only one reporter, out of all the thousands who read Malaysiakini on the same day, read this news?

Lokman Bin Salleh:

We are in the IT age and it is so easy to write/edit/erase reports. Malaysiakini may have published such a report, and some other news portal may have also published bad reports against Pakatan Rakyat.

My question is, have the police got the time to catch all these people? If you succeed in prosecuting Malaysiakini, believe me - there will be thousands of such reports because you have set a precedence.

I am not trying to tell you how to run your job, but you are heading for tough times if you go ahead with your intention.


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