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Sodomy convictions of Anwars associates are clear inconsistencies: lawyer

The sodomy convictions of jailed ex-premier Anwar Ibrahim's speech writer Dr Munawar Aness and his adopted brother Sukma Darmawan Sasmitaat Madja are examples of Malaysia's inconsistent criminal justice system.

Senior lawyer Manjeet Singh Dhillon said that the cases where the two were each jailed six months for being sodomised by Anwar in September 19, 1998., showed "inconsistencies to a fault" that had denied justice to the accused.

He said the inconsistencies committed by the key players of the justice system namely the judges, the Attorney-General chambers and the lawyers.

He also said the inconsistencies were done on the premise by those in possession of a "recipe" consist of misconducts involving men, women and corruption, to destroy Anwar's reputation resulting to the arrest of the two in September 1998 shortly after the ex-deputy minister was sacked.

He said the inconsistencies showed manipulation of the whole justice system including the act by the police to arrest the men under the Internal Security Act on the pretext of protecting the country's security.

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