Teen shooting: Police overhaul needed

Modified 4 May 2010, 11:57 pm

your say 'I think one of the changes to the Road Transport (Amendment) Bill is to add ‘Speed, and you will be shot. Now our children are not even safe with the police roaming the streets.'

Witness: Aminulrasyid didn't ram car into police

Fitri Asmuni: Inspector-general of police (IGP) Musa Hassan should not create more confusion to the already confused public. No inquest is necessary in this case because under the Criminal Procedure Code, an inquiry is called in order to ascertain the cause of death and who was responsible to the death.

In the present case, the cause of death is crystal clear: the victim died because of a gunshot wound and the person responsible for the killing is also already known - the police personnel who acted like cowboys in High Chaparral.

My sincere advice to the IGP? Face the issue head on and make sweeping changes before you face punishment from the public. Do not try to twist and turn the law and fool the public.

SKS: I think one of the changes to the Road Transport (Amendment) Bill is to add ‘Speed, and you will be shot'.

Now our children are not even safe with the police roaming the streets. We are not only supposed to protect our children from fugitives but also from the cops.

Cala: There is hardly a single event that is happening without being tied to other events. The death of 14-year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah is an example. His life would have been spared if:

i) the police is less trigger-happy;

ii) we had a more humane police;

iii) certain nightspots were to close at 12 midnight;

iv) plenty of police campaigns against driving without a license;

v) stricter parents;

vi) a prescribed procedure before the police can shoot;

vii) education in schools on how to behave when order to stop by police, etc.

Steven PJ Utara: I trust this young boy Azamuddin Omar's statements many times over than the police statements. It is time all Malaysians stand up and protest against the police force. This is a definite merciless killing of a young school boy. His statement is quite the same as those neighbours that heard the sound of shooting and the crash.

Yuvan: The witness said, "The car crashed into a wall, after which the police continued shooting."

Can the police explain how they thought a vehicle that had already crashed would be used as a weapon against them and continued shooting at it? This action alone is enough to confirm that the police were trigger-happy and did not care at all for the safety of the occupants of the vehicle.

A royal commission of inquiry is the only way to get to the bottom of this brutal act by the police. Any other kind of inquiry can be easily manipulated and the verdict given in favour of the police.

The family of Aminulrasyid can have closure only after those responsible are charged and severely punished.

Not confused: What's the use of a royal commission? There was a royal commission into the police three years ago . What happened to the report of that commission? It was buried.

The entire police force needs to be thoroughly cleansed from top to bottom and all the arrogant, racist, bigoted and corrupt members of the force fired and charged with their crimes, without fear or favour.

Louis: The police have been getting away with their hand-handedness easily and as a result, they are quite immune to prosecution. Only in A Kugan's case was one miserable police officer charged. In this case, a 14-year-old kid is killed in cold blood.

The way the police described the incident sounded as if Aminulrashid was behaving like a hardcore criminal trying to ram the car at them. But his friend's story is more reasonable and believable. The car might have accelerated because Aminurasyid had already lost control of the car only after being fatally wounded.

The short, happy life of Aminulrasyid

Yobama: I am afraid what Azly Rahman had quoted at the beginning of your article seems to be applicable only in the United States. Those are what we hear watching Hollywood movies involving an arrest of a suspect.

I doubt that our police officers are taught that, or that those words are spelled out in our laws. Here, once you are required to issue a statement, the police will have a field day.

Loyal Malaysian: A poignant epitaph for Amirul. It is a very sad commentary on the state of our police force. They have long ago lost the respect of the rakyat, what with the rampant corruption, and their becoming pawns of the Umnoputras. Now their trigger-happy ways have caused the death of young Amirul.

Karpal to act for Aminulrasyid's mum

Tan Che Wee: Yes, Sabah and Sarawak-born senior police offciers should be brought to investigate this matter. I have confidence in them to handle this case. They must be senior, over 50 years, or (just about) to retire.

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