Indonesians angry with 'unbrotherly' conduct, says lawyer

Prominent Indonesian human rights lawyer Dr Adnan Buyung Nasution will send a letter of complaint to the Malaysian government for denying him entry to the country at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on Tuesday night.

Adnan said he will send the letter to the Malaysian embassy in Jakarta to protest against the abusive treatment by immigration officials who forced him to take the last shuttle flight to Singapore at 12 midnight.

In a telephone interview with malaysiakini today, Adnan said he will file a complaint with the International Commissions of Jurists (ICJ), of which he is a member, that the Malaysian authorities hindered his attempts to uphold democracy and human rights in Malaysia.

Adnan had arrived with colleagues Paskah Irianto and Dr Bunga Kejora Trihusodo at the KLIA at 11pm from Indonesia.

However, Adnan and Paskah were denied entry and put on a shuttle flight back to Singapore at about midnight. Bunga, a fellow lawyer in Adnan's legal firm in Jakarta, was not denied entry.

Adnan, 68, was to submit a peaceful petition signed by 22 prominent leaders from political parties, non-governmental organisations, Islamic organisations and media, urging the government to allow Anwar to seek medical treatment of his choice during his two-day visit here.

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