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Is semen in anus evidence of penetration?

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your say 'I do not understand, the forensic report says no conclusive clinical evidence of penetration, then why did the doctor say there could have been penetration.'

Md Imraz Muhammed Ikhbal: The prosecution can prove anything they like regarding the presence of Anwar Ibrahim's semen in Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan's anus but in order for a conviction, it is the law that the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the act of sodomy indeed transpired.

By the mere forensic evidence of semen presence alone, there is simply no way it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that Anwar's DNA was not planted. I will therefore be thrilled as I would be disgusted to discover what the prosecution can possibly cook up just to have Anwar convicted of sodomy.

The way I see it, it is an uphill task but then again let's forget not whose political agenda our kangaroo courts are subservient to.

Wira: They will tell you next that there were two DNAs found in the semen sample. One belonging to the accused and the other, the ‘victim', which the prosecution - with the help of medical specialists - will surmise that the victim's DNA found in the semen is because of contamination.

So the semen cannot be anybody's. It has to be from the ‘victim' if we believe the conspiracy theory of planted DNA, or the accused if we believe a 60-plus year old can have a strong erection to pierce the butt of an unwilling partner leaving no other traces of penetration except semen.

G Annamalai: I do not understand, the forensic report says no conclusive clinical evidence of penetration, then why did the doctor say there could have been penetration.

Upyes: I have just read the forensic report signed by three doctors from HKL (Hospital Kuala Lumpur). It says the cotton swabs were handed to DSP Jude Pereira to be delivered to the Chemistry Department. That's a dead giveaway.

I would assume that HKL would hand the samples over, not the PDRM - and especially not DSP Pereira, whose role in this sordid case is akin to Musa Hassan's in 1998. Remember, Jude Pereira was with Brickfields OCPD when they arrested five lawyers who showed up at the station to assist those arrested for lighting candles to protest Wong Chin Huat's arrest?

FairMind: After the swab inside the anus, why was the swab handed over to Jude Pereira who was the investigating officer from the police department instead of directly giving it to the Chemistry Department? In the first sodomy trial, the police has the DNA of Anwar and the swab could be deliberately planted with Anwar's DNA from the first trial.

By handing it to the police, the swab could have been compromised before it was handed to the Chemistry Department for testing. Even if there was no penetration, the compromised swab would have implicated Anwar. The fact that there were no anal injuries on Saiful would lend support to the swaps being compromised or the semen being artificially and carefully inserted into the anus.

It is indeed strange that if there are two male DNA found in the anus, Saiful's anus did not exhibit the least evidence and damage from penetration.

Rubystar: Dear Najib Razak, it is within your power to stop this charade once and for all. The more court appearance, the weaker the case appeared to be. You as our beloved PM, please stop this fool's errand. You are making us Malaysians the international laughing stock. To bring down Anwar in this manner only reflect the weakness of your administration.

Bring Anwar down by good governance and transparency. Cut down on those Umno little Napoleons and warlords. Cut down on those BN coalition partners and don't let them leech the government's coffers anymore. I don't care of your past and if you show good governance now, which I believe you can do it with political willpower and strength, you can bring up the country.

And you will be our PM who can lead Malaysia towards prosperity, security and stability. Please stop the charade of Sodomy II, now.

Cala: Najib is inheriting all forms of institutions which are in tatters. To my mind, the prosecution must work doubly hard to prove to the world that indeed Anwar has erred and deservedly punished.

After all, what Najib is having are institutions known to have been weaken during MM's (Mahathir Mohamad) 22 years of rule, and they can no longer function independently and competently (Wain, 2009, p. 347, para 2).

To a man on the street, Anwar is innocent unless the prosecution has irrefutable evidence against Anwar. Having found semen but no sign of penetration is no evidence at all. Remember, a good court would rather give the accused the benefit of doubt than taking the risk of punishing the innocent.

Kgen: Is semen in the anus evidence of penetration? This is not direct evidence of penetration. The only direct evidence is tears and lacerations on the anus. The semen could have been planted there. The Chemistry Department could have lied, which is another strong possibility.

The doctor is saying that if a women is seen together with a child she must have given birth even if medical examination shows she's still a virgin. Other possibilities like an adopted child is not considered.

Never before has the fate of a whole nation depended on an arsehole! I would advise the government to just back off. Is consensual sodomy, even if it had happened, such a heinous crime that must be prosecuted with the whole machinery of state? We are the laughing stock of the world.

Wira: How can the presence of seminal fluid in the anal cavity automatically means penile penetration if that is not corroborated by other physical evidence of penetration? Can't the semen belonging to the alleged ‘victim' be deposited via a small syringe?

Lonestar: The lower end of Saiful's alimentary canal is getting to be a very interesting place of study for budding analogists, protologists, sodomologists, etc - an anus which has good anal tone after being banged for two months and not having even a little scar. A real remarkable specimen indeed.

Ferdtan: This is a rerun of the infamous Augustine Paul court. The storyline is the same, now with different actors but sadly the same victim, Anwar. How cruel can the scriptwriters (whoever they are) be? Sodomy I is bad enough, now we have Sodomy II.

Isana: Anwar is really amazing - multi-tasking at age 62, he can still penetrate a tight arse without injuring it and at the same time having a discussion with five men at the adjoining apartment. What's the concoction? Probably a combination of Viagra, Tongkat Ali and maca juice.

Kassim Muhamad: We fret and scream, we shout and moan, we roam the streets of every town to inform everyone that we bump into: ‘No, no, this is not true. It just cannot be true.’ This is definitely not Malaysia - my country. Remember what one 'great' leader of ours used to say: ‘Everyone has his price tag.’

I truly admire the confidence and belief: that we, as a nation, are all rotten. Sedih? Untuk apa? Let us all fight for our freedom. Go for change. And never look back!

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