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RM150,000 bail: 'Smells like a cover-up'

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vox populi small thumbnail 'The fact that these two could outwit the entire security apparatus of the Air Force, the Defence Ministry, the Customs as well as the shipping authorities speaks highly of their calibre for high office.'


Jet engines theft: Home to be sold to raise bail

Satinah Osman: For the ingenuity and capability as evidenced from the flow of information being made known to the imbecile public, it is obvious that air force sergeant N Tharmendran and senior serviceman Mohamad Shukri Mohamad Yusop should be considered for promotion to at least brigadier generals and awarded the meritorious service medals of the highest class.

The fact that these two could outwit the entire security apparatus of the Air Force, the Ministry of Defence, the Customs and Port Authorities as well as the shipping authorities speaks highly of their calibre for high office.

Further, that they could establish contacts with Uruguayan authorities speaks of capabilities which very few Malaysians have. Even our ambassador in Uruguay could not have brought about the sale of used aircraft engines. Malaysia should be proud of them instead of feeding whitewashed stories to the rakyat.

Lim Chong Leong: This whole thing is smelling like a cover-up and the sacrificing of a scapegoat. If the sergeant is able to sell jet engines, what is the difficulty in selling a house? I am inclined to believe he cannot even sell a popsicle to a child.

The danger here now is that he will be accused of not being able to live with his guilt and suddenly will find some rope in his prison cell. Then the investigation will be over and there will be a suicide note.

We have seen C4 and Immigration records disappear and two lowly special forces unit personnel getting hanged while ‘Mr RM500 million commission' Abdul Razak Baginda does not even get whipped for adultery and close proximity, but is now living in London, most likely in luxury.

Kgen: This is really disgusting. Anybody can see that it is ridiculous to charge this low-ranking air force sergeant for stealing the two jet engines. Why torture him to confess if they have the proof?

Why set bail so high? If he has stolen the engines, don't you think bail would have been a sneeze for him? The justice system is cruel and perverted.

CPL: With the number of Indians dying or tortured in custody, the confession of N Tharmendran is highly suspect. Bail at RM150,000? He has no previous convictions. Is that bail set because of prejudice against Indians?

Ex-Perlis mufti Asri to join Umno?

Anonymous: Asri, if you think you can change Umno by joining it, then, my opinion is, don't waste your time. If you are joining them for monetary considerations, then I can be sure the rakyat will not look at you any more as the righteous, principled person they see you now.

Umno is rotten. There is no bone left within its body. To them, money comes first, then race and last, religion.

Cat: ‘Money money money ... it's a rich man's world.' That's the only kind of music Umno and their cronies listen to. If Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin joins Umno, we know which side his bread is buttered on.

Sarajun Hoda: The day he joins a political party, especially Umno as corrupted as it is, Asri's reputation will go down the drain. Getting hundreds of scholars to join Umno would also prove disastrous because Umno will only divide the society, that's what they are good at.

Look at what they have done to Islam all these years. It's now broken into bits and they've pitched groups against each other.

Faz: Ustaz Asri, Umno is beyond redemption. It can reinvent itself only after it loses the federal government and the gravy train has stopped. Its patronage system only supports those who bid for time to be elevated to positions to plunder the state wealth. You are not one of them and your thinking outside the box way will never fit in with Umno member.

Look at the pitiful trails of those before you - Mohd Asri Muda, Nakhaie Ahmad and Firdaus Ismail. You will be better off in an NGO or the current political opposition grouping to help impart better understandings of Islam to the Muslims and non-Muslims.

Die hard: Ustaz, you are a man well-respected by Muslims here. Please don't join any party. You are doing well right now without them.

Argonist: I hope the PKR leaders will be very, very cautious in accepting people like Asri. In time to come, such vociferous liberalists will not be die-hard loyalists to the party. He can easily go off-tangent when an issue concerning Islam on which PKR takes a stand is not in his view correct.

CPL: Nobody, so far, can change Umno. Maybe he will be the one. Joining Umno is his personal choice. If you believe the opposition is a-OK, what's the problem?

Dood: He had better stay away from Umno, BN and Perkasa, or risk being a pariah for all time to come.

'Pakatan can win Sarawak'

Just me: It is the intention of the BN government to continue to keep the Sarawak people poor despite it being the richest state in Malaysia. This way, they can always hope to enslave these people, like what the PM very clearly said recently, 'You help me, I help you.'

Ferdtan: Before Pakatan Rakyat can win Sarawak or Putrajaya, it needs to build up its war chest. Like it or not, that is the reality. Nothing moves without money. Start accumulating the fund now.

It is not impossible, as Barack Obama raised more funds from the ‘small people' than from the big corporate guys.




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