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Sports betting: Rakyat 1, Umno 0
Published:  Jun 25, 2010 11:44 PM
Updated: Jun 26, 2010 5:33 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'Isn't it ironic that the decision is made by the Umno supreme council and not by the cabinet nor with the BN component parties. So who are the decision makers now: the cabinet, BN or Umno?'

Umno rejects sports betting, licence approval withdrawn

Multi Racial: What did we learn from this episode?

1) Najib Razak and Dr Mahathir Mohamad have loss their influence.

2) Only Umno's decision matters and those from the components parties are irrelevant.

3) Umno don't respect and care about the view of their other BN components, otherwise why acted without convening a meeting with other BN components leaders before announcing the decision.

4) Najib and BN lied. His announcement confirmed that the government did issue the licence. Otherwise why do they need to revoke it if they did not issue it in the first place.

5) There are leaders in BN who are willing to do anything the boss asked them to do so that they can keep their jobs.

6) The real power is with the people. BN and the Perak sultan ignored people power in the Perak fiasco. BN ignored people power when they issued the sport gaming licence. But in the end, it is the people who influence all to change their mind.

Eugene: Isn't it ironic that the decision is made by the Umno supreme council and not by the cabinet nor with the BN component parties. So who are the decision makers now: the cabinet, BN or Umno?

Ruben: It was the government which issued the licence and if need to be withdrawn, the cabinet should have done it, not Umno. I totally agree, the rakyat spoke, and of course kudos to Pakatan Rakyat which played its role as a trustworthy coalition in a mature, sensible way and never wavering in its stand. I wonder what Mahathir is going to say next?

Anonymous: It's ‘wayang kulit besar' (massive shadow play) by Umno to pretend they care for the people when in actual fact they themselves are the main beneficiaries of the revenue from gambling such as Toto and Genting.

Chialat: I believe they already have an agreement with VT (Vincent Tan). VT will sue the government and a huge sum of compensation will be awarded to him. Let's see.

Sodomy II: Another 'no' for Anwar from Appeals Court

Tan Kian Khim: This series of court judgments denying opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim' s defence team access to the witness statements is not 'stupid' or 'idiotic' at all: they are calculated and malicious actions.

The judges themselves (who seem to have been handpicked for this sham trial) are - together with the Attorney-General's Chambers - deliberately engineering a gross miscarriage of justice, without even bothering to give the pretence of a fair trial.

No proper court in the world would deny the defence access to the witness statements. But then this is Malaysia, which measures its judicial quality by comparing itself with such outstanding examples as North Korea and Burma.

Imraz Muhd Ikhbal: Shouldn't the government just dispense with all this legal mumbo jumbo and just throw Anwar Ibrahim into prison? Why even bother with the charade of a trial when you've practically decided on the verdict?

Does this government really think that we are all that stupid to not know what is going on? It does not matter even if Anwar was a born eunuch, he's definitely going to prison for sodomy and that is a political certainty.

We can at least save the law by not desecrating it further with perverse judgments that defies every rule of logic or legality.

Piu Sheng: The way Umno is using its judges to read its script is truly despicable. Any five-year old kid can tell you that the judges and solicitor-general are nothing but tools of Umno. The rakyat has to send a clear message that Umno cannot be allowed to do this.

My Rights: If there is anyone left in Malaysia who still has even a little bit remaining goodwill and trust in the courts, it would have completely zeroed out by now.

Thanks to the alternative media, the rakyat are no longer ignorant and now see the truth. We know better. Because of this, there is no question in my mind that my vote will go to Pakatan Rakyat in the next election. So will the votes from my close friends and relatives.

Loo Soon Fatt: Our courts are openly playing the fool under the directives of their political masters and they don't care what you think as long as Anwar is found guilty.

Reasons behind Selangor PKR mutiny

Joe Fernz: The issue to consider here is whether Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim has been overestimated and PKR vice-president Azmin Ali underestimated. Azmin always felt that he was meant for better things despite the ‘Stop Azmin Now' movement in PKR endorsed by the silent majority which seems to favour Pakatan advisor Zaid Ibrahim.

There are accusations that Khalid was no great shakes while he was heading PNB (Permodalan Nasional Bhd). There are also accusations that Azmin is Umno-unreformed and therefore corrupt to the core. Then, there's Zaid who can't move his butt that easily and get down to real work, as other accusations go. The truth as usual is somewhere in between.

In any case, if it's true that Azmin is leading a revolt against Khalid, he should be given a show-cause letter. Anwar, of course, would not have the guts to do that. Show cause does not have to mean dismissal.

Anwar didn't even have the guts to tell Ahmad Thamrin Jaini in Sabah PKR off for sitting on his butt and doing nothing so far. Any credible revolt in Selangor must be led by the Adun (state assemblypersons), not MPs.

WF Coolie: Khalid may find it hard to change from the corporate sector to politics fast enough to meet the expectations of PKR members. The man should be judged by the total sum of his contributions.

If too little consultation is an issue, then the party should discuss the issue and make it known to all members so that the practice becomes routine. Does this imply that the MB has refused to be guided even when the issue has been made known to them?

PKR MPs must be aware of the whole situation and the party position should be foremost in their thought.

French investigating judge to decide on trial

Louis: Do we really need Perimekar's expertise in purchasing those submarines? RM570 million is a lot of Malaysian's hard-earned money. Don't we have experts in our Navy who can advise the Defence Ministry better? Do not tell us that Abdul Razak Baginda is such an indispensable expert on submarines?

Do our neighbouring countries practise the same procedure whenever a purchase as big as a submarine is made? If not, why are we so special? Maybe our navy personnel is not as well-trained as our neighbouring countries' and therefore Razak's expertise is called upon.

If that is the case, much of our money is wasted sending our officers to overseas courses on naval warfare, jungle warfare and what have you. We might as well save the money to pay Perimekar for services in any future purchases of war materials.

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