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'DPM, it's Umno that destroys Malay unity'
Published:  Jul 5, 2010 7:53 AM
Updated: Jul 5, 2010 2:42 AM

your say 'Political affiliation has nothing to do with unity. Are Americans disunited because some support Republicans and some support Democrats?'


Muhyiddin: Anwar disunites the Malays

Not Confused: Thanks God, it is clear from Muhyiddin's comments that Umno really is running scared of Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar Ibrahim. That means that Pakatan's strategy and efforts are actually paying off.

In any situation there are going to be shades of opinion and it is quite right that this should be the case in any healthy democracy. For all Malays to think the same way and be "united" would mean stagnation. For democracy to flourish in any country there needs to be a government and an opposition to ensure there are robust checks and balances.

What Umno and their cronies are really saying is that they want 100 percent total allegiance from all Malays, with no opposition to check on their profligacy and to allow them to continue to plunder the nation's wealth for their own needs. That is never going to happen.

Anonymous For your information, DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, Anwar is not the one who disunited the Malays. BN is the party that start the disunity in 1999 when they jailed Anwar, their fellow Malay brother, by infamously concocting lies relating to Sodomy I.

The hypocrites, for your info, Mr Mustapa Mohamed, is Umno and the rest of BN members who should have apologised to Anwar for taking away six years of his precious life, keeping him in isolation from the rest of the world with the Sodomy I lies.

Instead of doing that, they the BN created a new episode call Sodomy II. The whole world knows BN is a party of hypocrites.

Neders: DPM, I guess you're suggesting all Malays should support Umno otherwise they are disunited. What sort of logic is that? And you are our education minister as well?

Kgen: Political affiliation has nothing to do with unity. Are Americans disunited because some support Republicans and some support Democrats?

People are beginning to open their eyes and see for themselves what kind of politician Koh Tsu Koon really is. A poor hungry, kowtow to Umno backdoor minister who doesn't care a hoot about serving the people. Gerakan should be ashamed of him.

JBSS: These Umno goons expect all Malays to accept the regime's corrupt and plundering ways without a whimper and without question. That is their definition of Malay unity - close two eyes and allow them to continue to steal and rob the rakyat's money until the nation's coffer is empty!

Chee Hoe Siew: To think that a person of his stature can say such a thing, I really doubt if he has much integrity. Seriously, it is up to the people to judge, and people should not just follow what he says but judge for themselves.

The one who is splitting Malay unity is Umno, who by trying to create an ultra-Malay society, shows no respect for the other races. Many Malays see through the ugliness of their intentions and decide not to follow.

For all I see, Umno and their cronies are the ones who are endangering Malaysia. For all of us who did not vote not for BN, we know exactly why we do so. It is because BN is the parasite of Malaysia and we have a duty to get rid of this parasite.

KayKay: Malay political "disunity" is the best thing for Malaysia. If the Malays were politically "united", only a handful of top Malays would benefit at the expense of the other Malays and other Malaysians. Malay unity would only mean that the ruling elite can continue to steal even more from the public treasury under the guise of "development".

Even now, despite Malay political disunity, the ruling elite are awarding themselves government projects through nominees at inflated prices. The purchase of the two submarines, for which RM500 million was paid in "commissions" disguised as services, to Abdul Razak Baginda and wife is a case in point.

The days of Umno using jealousy of the Chinese in business as their "political ideology" are numbered. Perkasa has now come in, hoping to twist and turn every issue in Malaysia into a racial issue in order to con the Malays into uniting under Umno. The real agenda is to mask the theft of public monies.

Alexander Yuan Xjin Kai: Anwar disunites the Malays, you say? Well, you and your Umno disunites us Malaysians with your ‘Ketuanan Melayu' jibberish. Now which one is worse?

Isana: For your information, DPM, what 'disunites' (the proper term is 'awakened') the Malays to stay away from Umno are corruption, injustice, unqualified leaders and stupid statements like yours. Most Malaysians are ready and want to move forward, away from racial politics.

Rahimi: Melayu tidak perlu bersatu jika hanya untuk membolehkan Umno berkuasa dan kemudiannnya para pemimpin Umno akan meneruskan polisi kronisma, salahgunakuasa, rasuah dan membazirkan wang rakyat dengan semahu-mahunya.

Sepatutnya dengan perpecahan Melayu sekarang jika pun benar, pemimpin Umno harus menilai dan memperbaiki diri mereka sendiri, bukan hanya menyalahkan orang lain. Saya ingin bertanya DPM, apakah yang beliau akan lakukan sekiranya beliau diperlakukan seperti apa yang Anwar alami?

Rajm: Anwar disunites the Malays, but the PM Najib Abdul Razak and his DPM disunites all Malaysians with their policies. They use the Official Secrets Act and the Internal Security Act against their own people. What a shameful 1Malaysia.

Don't Play God: Umno keeps on insisting and believing that only Umno has the right and authority to represent the Malays, and that the Malays should only support Umno. That is the reason Umno plays the racial card - to make the Malays support Umno.

They also believe and insist that the non-Malays, especially the Chinese, should only support Umno/BN as a moral obligation.

Rocky: So if you support Umno, you are united? What happens when Umno fellows fight with each other? If Umno is corrupt, does that mean Malays must also be corrupt?




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