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Umno scores own goal with racial sob story

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vox populi small thumbnail 'All these projects were approved and awarded five years ago. There is no need for a maths whizz to work out who was in charge of Penang then.'


'Developers persecute Malays due to split in Umno'

Beetle: Obviously the development project in Kampung Jalan Pokok Assam was approved during the BN-led government. Why didn't the Jelutong Umno members protest then when it was approved?

This bunch of Umno goons are playing on racial feelings by claiming the present state government is trying to wipe out the Malays in Penang whereas it is the BN government who should be held responsible.

Wira: BN and the developers had conspired to wipe the Malay community from the face of Penang when they were running the state government as they only offered RM10,000 to RM70,000 in compensation to each family. In contrast, Kampung Buah Pala residents received two-storey houses (worth RM600,000 each) in compensation through the intervention of the Pakatan Rakyat government.

Once the agreed compensation had been paid, the developer will move in to claim their rights. This has nothing to do with the inaction of the present state government so don't claim a conspiracy when there is none.

By right, Umno should compensate each villager with a RM600,000 house since these kampung folks trusted Umno so much. And to (Penang Umno chief) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, we say ‘Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi'.

Mikey: All these projects were approved and awarded five years ago. There is no need for a maths whizz to work out who was in charge then. The question Zahid and (Pantai Umno branch chief) Abdul Wahab Abdullah should be asking is who made the decision then and how it was arrived at.

There is nothing the current government can do. To vary the agreement now will mean additional costs, and who will foot these costs?

Amaso: Would you believe that residents regardless of race and religion would agree to move out from their homes even though they are poorly compensated?

From experience, residents in Penang are more difficult to deal with than people in Kedah when it comes to eviction by developers. Why? Because Umno, MCA and MIC politicians chip in to share the cake, disguised as negotiators for the affected residents.

Swipenter: Can you see how Umnoputras having done injustice to ordinary Malay people, and now conveniently put the blame on the Pakatan state government?

Five years ago, the state government was under the control of Umno/Gerakan. I am sure the place would not be developed without Umno conniving with the developers to hand out meager compensations to the residents.

One big question is: why didn't the residents make noise back then? Because they trusted Umno and if they feel persecuted now, it is because of Umno screwing them. Another question is, who are the people behind the developers?

Now Umno wants to politicise as well as putting a racial slant to the issues at hand. The Malays have to wake up and open up their eyes to see whether Umno is their champion or merely using them for their own selfish interests.

Suhaimi Said: This an Umno/BN project and all Umno members supported it. There was no protest before and all Umno members agreed to receive the compensation, so don't turn this into a racial politics. To blame the Pakatan state government now is just lame.

MACC's questions arrive in a London taxi

Anonymous: I am not sure about legal protocol or requirement, but in this Internet age it looks stupid for Malaysian Anti-Corruptiop Commission (MACC) to send their questions by courier and taxi since they can be reached almost instantly anywhere in the world. But what to do? Some people just refuse to change.

Freemen: There is no eagerness in the pursuit of the truth. With such a high-profile case involving the top leadership of the country, one would think that it would be a priority for the MACC to get to the bottom of the issue.

However, as we can see, when it comes to the government, the ‘independent' MACC suddenly has lead feet. So much for its pledge to serve the king and country.

SH Silverman: Look at BN - they are afraid of Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK). Every Umno leader is worried that if RPK continues making revelations of Umno's wrongdoings, they will finished.

Suhakam barred from entering new palace site

Isana: Quick, Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa members and senator Ezam Mohd Nor, rush to the new Istana work site. All of you are needed there to guard the Istana perimeter from ‘penceroboh', arrogant ‘pendatangs', non-patriotic politicians and Suhakam commissioners who are blind to our nation's constitution and are there to undermine the royal institution. Umno would be lost without you guys.

Habib Rak: Surely, Suhakam should have sufficient grounds to get a court order to enter the new palace construction site and inspect at any time. Only a surprise check would reveal the real situation. Suhakam should test the judges on this.

Eugene : If there's nothing to fear and there's no infringement of human rights, why bar people from going in?


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