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While American enforcement officials are expected to query terrorist suspect Yazid Sufaat over his alleged links with an al-Qaeda suspect detained in the US, his wife is confident that he will come out of the interrogation just fine.

Sejahratul Dursina @ Chomel Mohamad said she was "not too worried" about the upcoming Monday interview because her husband was barely acquainted with Zacarias Moussaoui, a French national who is currently in detention in the US on terrorism-related charges.

"I am not too worried because (Yazid) doesn't know Zacarias Moussaoui that well. Yazid knows (Zacarias) as a businessman. That's all," she said when contacted today in Kuala Lumpur.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officers are expected to arrive in here today to interrogate Yazid over his alleged links to the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

Yazid has been held under the Internal Security Act (ISA) since December last year on charges that he is a member of the Kumpulan Mujahidin Malaysia (KMM), a 'militant' organisation which is said to have plotted to overthrow the government.

He was found to have hosted Zacarias during a visit to Malaysia a year before the Sept 11 attacks and provided him with a letter of appointment as a US marketing agent for Infocus Tech, a Malaysian computer software company.

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