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'In rakyat's court, Zaid has won'
Published:  Aug 6, 2010 8:14 AM
Updated: 2:48 AM

your say 'You don't need Paul the Octopus to predict this one. The blind could also see the outcome.'


Court throws out Zaid's election petition

BernieBaby: The rakyat has to reform the way we think and vote. Ever so often, we are tricked by these bribes given by BN. We should think way ahead for the future of Malaysia irrespective of our backgrounds.

What will work for Malaysians to be competitive? We have to work towards a united Malaysia and let merit rule. A Malaysia that can rapidly adapt to changes in the world and perhaps even make changes to the world.

BN is a lost cause for now so we have to work together to fix our nation. We need to vote intelligence back into Malaysia until BN increases its IQ by 100 points.

Keanjin: Court decision expected. You don't need Paul the Octopus to predict this one. The blind could also see the outcome.

Al Tugauw: The judge for this case - Azahar Mohamed - was Abdul Gani Patail's classmate in the Law Faculty at the Universiti Malaya.

James: Is Mohd Hafarizam Harun still in that law firm where Azmi Zaki (the chief justice) was from? That Umno law firm does the bulk of Umno election cases. So Umno judges and Umno lawyers know how to work the courts in that respect.

Too bad Zaid Ibrahim left his lawyering to other lawyers when he was in practice. But still, the judiciary needs a real shake-up

Agent99: There are always 1,001 reasons to decide which way a judgment should go. I suppose it all depends who the government of the day is. ‘Semua orang cari makan’. Zaid, don't despair.

I am sure you knew what the outcome would be the very day you decided to bring the case to court. Let them win the battle, but we shall win the war.

MorningSun: In the Umno kangaroo court, P Kamalanathan or Umno won but in the court of the rakyat, Kamalanathan or Umno have lost their suit.

Yobama: "It should not be like casting the net wide in the hope it might strike one of them (the accusations made). The rule does not allow this," he said.

Ha, ha, ha! When Anwar Ibrahim was charged with Sodomy I, the court was never interested in the exact date Azizan Abu Bakar was allegedly sodomised. The condominium was not even ready for occupation, being under construction. So, we were supposed to imagine Azizan was sodomised while standing up!

I began to wonder whether Zaid's lawyer was working for the BN as well. How could he go to court with a flimsy petition that it was easily shot down by the judge? And Zaid, himself a lawyer! How can he okayed the petition after reading it? Or did he read the petition before filing it?

Victor Johan: It's a Catch-22 situation alright. If the rakyat want any future fair trials, vote wisely in the coming soon 13th general election.

Equinox: Most Malaysians knew from the very outset that the court decision would be a foregone conclusion. I wonder why Zaid bothered to litigate at all. Still, there is a lesson learnt, which is don't waste time and money.

Sarajun Hoda: Without any doubt, decision expected. Justice Azahar is afraid he might be punished like other judges who have given just judgments. I feel sorry for the judiciary under Umno man Zaki Azmi.

All the more reason for a two-party political system in Malaysia. And the sooner Najib Abdul Razak calls for elections, the better.

Logic: Why cry over the spilled milk? The rakyat chose BN after some sweet talk. I give you money for temples, schools, blah, blah, blah... and the votes go to them.

It is not the BN or Umno that needs to reform but the rakyat.

James: Put the judgment online. Some election judges shirk their duty to write a judgment in election cases because they really do not have cogent reasons for dismissing the petition on technicalities.

Election petitions have to be carefully drafted as all 'election lawyers' know, simply because the trend in election courts is to throw cases out on technicalities. So it is wise not to give the court the excuse to do this.

If Pakatan Rakyat gets to Putrayaya, the judges have to be re-trained.

Habib RAK: We have to keep trying time and again until we win. In the face of compelling evidence, the judge finds otherwise. But one day, they will crumble and yield. We will restore justice in due time. Till then, keep up the resistence.

Anonymous: It seems we have a solid pattern well established.




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