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Note in Teoh's bag: Who would believe AG?
Published:  Aug 10, 2010 12:16 AM
Updated: Aug 11, 2010 8:31 AM

vox populi small thumbnail 'Do they really expect us to believe that it was that difficult and had to take that long (several months) to get a Chinese translation for the said document?’


Teoh's death: AG's Chambers denies suppressing evidence


Jimmy Ng: I can only feel utter contempt and disgust at the attorney-general and his team. Are they so incompetent to even realise that it is simply not enough to just come out with a statement and expect the whole world to believe the lame explanation given that they needed to make sure that the ‘note’ was authentic.

Do they really expect us to believe that it was that difficult and had to take that long (several months) to get a Chinese translation for the said document?

Li Ting Rui: This is real sickening. After such a long time, they said that they found a note. You mean the investigating officer is so negligence in his work? He did not study it because it is in Chinese. You mean he does not give it to somebody for translation. This is a serious case where death is involved. Who with the right mind would believe you?

Mhd: Tak perlu ‘check’ itu ‘note’. Rakyat dah tahu apa kandungan surat itu. "Saya membunuh diri dengan rela, MACC tak paksa saya, Jangan salahkan MACC. Yang benar, TBH.”

Karma: Even a sly like former PKR Youth chief Ezam Mohd Nor is aware of the suicide note. This means the entire Umno is already aware of 'the existence' of the note. There is no need to test the veracity of the note. The AG's Chamber has lost its credibility due to such revelation by Ezam.

Robert L: Another incredulous example of how judiciary cases are being fought in Malaysia - under the belt... Whither justice?

Philip Chong: Do you think we will believe that piece of paper?

Teoh's family to 'follow PM' until truth is out

Anonymous: Let the truth be out! The PM promised that in the Teoh Beng Hock case, "no stone would be left unturned " to find out the cause of his death. If it be so, then let the truth be unearthed. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief recently said that he would step down if he did not do his job sincerely in all cases. Let us now see whether his actions match his brave words. Time will tell.

Concerned Citizen: While I really sympathise and want to know the truth, I would like to remind people that the court process is not finished yet. So, how can you conclude that it is torture or whatever when the coroner has not completed presiding over the hearing? I demand that the case be investigated, but I also would like to urge everyone to not pass judgment before judgment is passed by the coroner.

Having said that, I want this hearing to finish faster so that justice can be heard. If punishment is needed, it should be meted out as soon as possible.

Geronimo: Do we need to call in the American crime scene investigators to investigate such a simple case? Surely, there must be records somewhere which shows who interrogated Teoh that night. Then haul these fellows up and interrogate them as to how TBH could have died.

Forget about all the other evidence. To date, we are still not told as to who interrogated TBH before he met with his untimely death.

Komtar Malay traders rally over Ramadan stalls

Jiminy Qrikert: As Penang Develoment Corporation (PDC) properties senior manager, Mohd Bazid Abdul Kahar has to do his job. And as a professional, he needs to address the problem at the core - if there's a limited amount of space for trading and those already allocated space have not had their rental submitted by Komtar Merchants Association (KMA) to PDC, then PDC has every right to prevent them from trading. It has nothing to do with race.

But now, due to KMA levelling accusations of racial discrimination, the original allocation of 10 spaces has been increased to 27. But KMA is still not paying PDC the rental they collected.

So what does this really mean? It is very evident that this small group of bigots is simply exploiting racial sentiments to bully the Pakatan Rakyat-led authorities into submission. This is typical Umno-BN. The more they do this, the less Malays will respect them.

Mohd Hilmi Mohd Salleh: What is wrong with this Komtar Merchants Association? You get angry when people don't allow you to run business in their property for the reason that you don't follow their rules? What sort of logic is that?


Now not only they want 7 percent discount on everything, they want free rental as well in running their business. This is the work of the Umnoputras in power. I have known many Malay friends who are honest, hardworking and do not like all these handouts so easily. They say it will destroy the next generation if such a crutch mentality still continues.

A number of them have settled in England, US, Australia, Canada and other democratic countries in Europe, where they strive hard and get recognised because of their merits. Our country has been systematically destroyed by playing on racial issues, and not the real issue of them not wanting to work but to take because they thought the country belongs to them.

Call Me Pendatang: Lim Guan Eng, what are you trying to do? Just let the traders do their business lah. You are giving mileage to Perkasa and Umno to shoot at you. Don't step on these racial and religious landmines. They are setting up traps all over for you. Watch what you do and say.

1Malaysia: There are traders paying rent and doing business, so if these KMA fellows do business nearby for free (‘biasalah, selalu mau makan free’) the traders can sue the government for not doing anything. Common sense will tell you that. Please get your facts right before ‘lawan tauket’.

Lim Guan Eng, do what you think is right. The state government should make sure everybody follows rules, regardless of race and religion.


I don't believe for a moment that it has anything to do with racism. Umno always incites racial hatred as it's the only way they can stay relevant. They should be placed under the ISA.

Having said this, if there was indeed a decision by someone in the state government to prevent the stalls from operating during Ramadan, then I must say that it's a very foolish decision. They should know better and be more sensitive to the traders whose business will be affected significantly, especially during Ramadan when businesses are expected to pick up.

Lim Chong Leong: So now Malays need not pay rent and no one can evict them because that is racist? And a Chinese teacher cannot punish a Malay student for wrongdoing because it will be racist? Everything is now in terms of Malay, Chinese, Indian and others.




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