Khir vs Khalid: Who destroys documents faster?
Published:  Aug 16, 2010 12:38 AM
Updated: 2:51 AM

vox populi big thumbnail If Khir Toyo has done so much for the state, why is it that he had to cart away official documents from his office when he was defeated in the last elections?


Khir Toyo gets nasty with S'gor MB Khalid

Kementerian Luar Negeri

: Mohd Khir Toyo, at least he didn’t build a mansion with the people’s money. So even if he has done nothing, he is still better off than you.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Khir is definitely as how Khalid Ibrahim describes him. Mahathir Mohamad picked this kind of candidates so that they will not be a threat to his leadership. What kind of a leader can Khir call himself, when he single-handedly decided on the sale of water resources of the state to some crony company without having a public referendum and allowing the people to decide whether they are prepared to pay sky-high prices for a basic necessity?

How does he justify for the amassment of wealth during his tenure as the menteri besar? Is this expected of a MB? If it is, then we might as well legalise corruption and make it a constitutional right to be corrupt. If it is part and parcel of culture which we have cultivated, then let’s all be corrupt! The highest bidder gets the services.


The very fact that he stayed honest in his post as MB is one accomplishment that is more than the sum total of what you, Khir Toyo, did in your years as MB. If you have done so much for the state, why is it that you had to cart away official documents from your office when you were defeated in the last general elections?

Jimmy Ng: Khir, what are the achievements of the previous BN-led state government ? You mean how you built a palace home worth RM23 million bigger than the Zakaria Deros palace in Klang?

How you took your entire family and maids to Disneyland on a ‘study trip’? Or how you awarded state tenders to cronies only? You of all people should realise that you have no right to speak anymore.

Geronimo: It is good for Toyo to list down his "achievements" during his tenure as MB, but have these projects benefited the people or benefited him and his cronies? Khalid may have done only one thing, but if that one thing has benefited the rakyat greatly, then he has done a great job.

In fact, you should ask Khalid, "I have a RM24 million mansion, do you?"

If you, Khir Toyo, have done a good job, you would not be where you are today; and you would not have shredded documents the night you lost the elections. For what it is worth, I must say Khalid has done well so far, despite the constraints he is in. He has seen to it that infants, senior citizens, the poor and the disabled are cared for. Even though this is just a trickle in the ocean, the little things that mean a lot.


Khire demands Khalid Ibrahim to show proof of illegal sand-mining when Umno was ruling Selangor, because he knows full well that he destroyed all the paper trails. Too bad he cannot destroy the water deal contracts with Syabas.

Yes, Selangor Umno did achieve a lot under Khir's leadership. His RM24 million huge mansion is evident enough of his "achievement".

Karpal locks horns with Nik Aziz over baby dumping

Proarte: Karpal Singh is opposed to the death penalty but wants it introduced for child rapists. This contradictory position undermines the moral authority of his criticism of Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. How can murder be a less serious crime than child rape? Karpal is playing to the gallery. If he wants to do so, he should at least be consistent.


Indhumathi: When you are in a coalition, try to work within the coalition . Already the media is waiting to blow up even when the opposition sneezes. With due respect to your age Karpal, this is not the first time you’ve attacked your own group openly. Maybe you cannot live without publicity.


This is a danger of having someone like Nik Aziz who has a great influence on the political direction of PKR. PKR will eventually be pressured to implement ‘hudud’ laws to pacify PAS.

ACoward: Normally those discarding or dumping babies are young mothers who have been victimised. They are actually the victims. So how can we punish victims? How can we compare them with child rapist? Proper implementation of sex education is the only solution.

LI Ting Rui: Death penalty for baby-dumpers is very primitive thinking. When a minor is pregnant due to trickery or rape, she is a victim. Our social and religious values do not support pregnancy out of wedlock, but we have to pity the victims. Counselling is the best solution. The punishment should be on the man who make the victim pregnant. Stoning to death is very unhuman. Who shall cast the first stone?


If anyone is guilty of killing a baby then that person should be charged for murder with the death sentence, but it could be reduced to homicide liable to life imprisonment. If the child is dumped but found alive, then counselling is required. As for the child, set up a collection centre for childless couples to adopt them.

Human Factor: To reduce this baby dumping, regulators should use the barrier/bow tie analysis. A bow tie is a graphical combination of fault tree and event tree to analyse problems and provide innovative solutions. The left side lists threats to a major event (e.g. baby dumping) occurring and preventives "control/barriers"that reduce the frequency of the major event.

The right side lists potential consequences of the major event and mitigation "control/barriers" that reduce the consequence of the major event. Applying the bow tie as a tool in a social management system will be a structured approach in solving social ills. The present unstructured approach will never solve any problem. Thus, Ops Sikap which happens every festive season.

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