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'Why was DPP Farah on the case anyway?'

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your say ‘If she was not privy to the documents, then why was she roped in in the first place? Doesn’t this also show that some of our civil servants are being paid to be doing nothing productive?’

Court dismisses Anwar's 2nd bid to strike out charge


The judge Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah can't even be impartial, so how to pass judgment with integrity then? Whatever was stated in the affidavits of investigating officer Jude Blacious Pereira and DPP Mohd Hanafiah Zakaria, he accepted in totality without letting the defence team cross-examine them and DPP Farah Azlina Latif.

What would happen if these people put in affidavits which stated that 'Anwar Ibrahim did not sodomise Saiful'? Would the judge accept that and dismiss the case? The judge should recuse himself from hearing the trial since he is no more impartial.

DannyLoHH: The charge is dubious, the trial is sneaky, evidences are secrets, the judge is seemed beholden, the witness is caught lying, the court is looking more kangaroo-ish, and now the prosecutor is sleeping with the witness. But the sham trial continues because this is not about justice and it is not about rule of law. This is about getting rid of Anwar Ibrahim before the next election.

Alexander Yuan Xjin Kai: If Zabidin were to give such an ridiculous answer in any other court outside Malaysia, he would have been ridiculed, demoted or even fired from his job. But no... "Farah has no access to vital prosecution documents", he said. Then let me ask you something then - why was she there in the first place?

Bernard Phillips: I am trying really hard to understand how the judge could have come to this decision. Legally, it should be clear that when there is evidence that there is a possibility, however remote, that the DPP could have passed some information to Saiful, the ruling should be in Anwar's favour.

And as a former government officer, I can point out to the judge that even some office boys have more access to classified documents than senior government officials. And in a 'juicy' case like this you can be sure that Faraz Azlina had much more.

Lastly, can the judge be really sure that Saiful was more interested in the documents rather then in Farah Azlina? Come on Your Honour, reflect on that.


A mockery of justice at the expense of undermining our intelligence and morality. If she was not privy to the documents, then why was she roped in as part of the prosecuting team in the first place? From a different standpoint, this shows that some of our civil servants are being paid to be doing nothing productive.

Fido Dido:

What is her role as a DPP? What is her position then during the hearing? Just taking notes or what? This behaviour of a DPP who is involved directly or indirectly in the case is not ethical. If both Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan and Farah have a love relationship, anything is possible.

Not Confused: The entire judiciary should be utterly ashamed of themselves - to allow this farce to continue in the full light of day in front of an international audience. I pity every Malaysian for having to put up with this joke of a process and endure the ridicule from just about every country.

The idiots in the government can bleat and demand that no one should interfere in Malaysia's internal affairs, but in order to regain the lost foreign direct investments (FDI), it will have to do a lot better than this.

Linov20: This Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan is a dubious guy. On the one hand he claimed that he had been sodomised, but on the other hand he has a relationship with a lady in a ‘tudung’.

RR: PM Najib Abdul Razak and Umno should realise that the constant hammering of Anwar will only earn the wrath of the rakyat particularly the young voters and also the senior citizens for the blatant disregard to jurisprudence by the judiciary that should see and do justice impartially.

Najib is wrongly advised on political strategies by his confidants and the judiciary seem to be playing to Umno's gallery without a prick of judicious conscience.

Mohd Imraz Muhd Ikhbal: Of course, a mere romantic liaison between the prime witness and a member of a prosecution team is not enough to strike out the sodomy charge. In any kangaroo court under a corrupted government privatised to the ruling elites, even hard concrete evidence is not enough to convict the guilty, nor will it ever be sufficient to exonerate the innocent.

In Malaysia, dirty politics have been given a new breath to the definition of the word 'justice', and it is at the expense of the last breath of democracy. Well done and congratulations, Najib. What a fantastic legacy you have left for the future generations indeed.

Singa Pura Pura: Malaysians must now brace themselves for the second incarceration of Anwar Ibrahim. The inexorable trend of the proceedings is such that, despite any and all exculpatory evidence tendered by the defence and despite the best blunders and first-class fumbles of the prosecution, there will, invariably, be a conviction, quite perversely independent of the evidence, the proceedings, the appeals and the circus. That is the hallmark of a malicious persecution as opposed to a sagacious prosecution.

The question now before the defence is: why continue to give the conspiring oppressors a `close-fight' that might impliedly confer legitimacy or propriety upon their prosecutory malevolence and injudiciousness?

The second-jailing of Anwar Ibrahim might well be the precursor of the second-coming of this nation. To Anwar Ibrahim: "Lesser than Mahathir, and greater. Not so happy, yet much happier. Thou shalt beget `Prime Ministers' though thou be none."

Ranjit Singh: Don't we get tired of the same nonsesne day in day out? I don't think so. We, the people, other than commenting and blogging, have nothing else to lose. The integrity of the judiciary, executive and parliamentary functions have been in question without fail, but why we cannot seem to rise from our slumber really fascinates me.

The legal mumbo jumbo will go through its artificial process, yet we talk about it and everything is put to rest after the temporary excitement. Tomorrow is the same similar to watching (the movie) Ground Hog Day.

If we cannot decide and move ahead in a collective manner for what is humane and real, it will be the same bedtime story for the future generation. Wake up, people.


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