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'Racist' HM: What you get from teachers in politics
Published:  Aug 21, 2010 8:24 AM
Updated: 12:27 AM

your say 'The ones who suffer most are the students. So let the teachers just teach - after all, they are paid handsomely to do so.’



'Racist' headmistress: DPM orders probe

Phan Gaik Cher: This uncalled for incident amplifies the danger of allowing teachers to get involved in politics. When teachers fail to draw the line between politics and education, this is what happens and you can bet that most of the time the outcome will be much worse.

The ones who suffer most are the students. So let the teachers just teach - after all, they are paid handsomely to do so.

Faithful Malaysian: Here we go again. Same stupid 'method' of giving an excuse to avoid  responsibility by using the word 'investigate'. Remember Port Klang Free Zone, Teoh Beng Hock, A Kugan, Altantuya Shaariibuu, the VK Lingam tape, etc?

Investigate, investigate, investigate and then nothing. This is just a ploy used over and over again to calm the anger and save Umno's behind. After a while, lives go back to normal because Malaysians ‘memang mudah lupa’. Sad.

Alexander Yuan: Why does it take 10-plus days, a botched ‘cover-up’ by the Education director-general and numerous protests from parents as well as political parties before the deputy prime minister finally decides on a probe? It shows just how ‘effective’ he is.

Jaguh: Why even waste time on a task force for this simple case of racial abuse and slurs? Fire her to warn all educationists; remove her pension. That’s the least you can do for a Malay culprit. If she was non-Malay, it would have been sedition and the ISA. If she gets away with negligible punishment, can I also do the same?

KillBN: What do we need another stupid taskforce for? This so-called ‘educator’ spoke in front of the whole school during an assembly. Hundreds of pupils and teachers heard it, otherwise no one in their right mind would want to waste their time at our police stations making police reports (apart from lazy people who don't work like the Perkasa people). Sack this headmistress and stop wasting our taxpayers' monies on her salary.

Singa Pura Pura: Going by the simple and logical ‘ejusdem generis’ rule, the phrases ‘Chinese students go back to China’ and ‘Munusamy and Chong were only passengers. They cannot claim any right to the car’ are completely in sync with the phrase ‘I’m a Malay first and a Malaysian second’.

And also, by necessary implication, they are all of the one and same genre as the phrase ‘Malays first, Chinese second and Indians third’. This is why, irrespective of his or her personal sentiments, a national leader and a prime minister-in-waiting ought never to declare that his or her ethnicity comes before his nationality.

Bapak Toyol: If such comments were made by a non-Malay headmaster/headmistress, he or she would have been arrested and detained under the ISA. Just because the comments were made by a Malay, the Education DG had the audacity to say, 'It was only a misunderstanding and everything has been settled'.

What a lie by a Muslim in this holy month. The police as usual will say she was misquoted and hence, no case. This is what I call ‘1Malaysia’ and ‘Malaysia Boleh’.

Anonymous: Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin should stop casting aspersions on the case. He seems to be telling everyone that the incident is not true and it looks like he knows what his next move will be. Why did the headmistress apologise if she did not do it?

DOC: The irony of the situation is such that this education minister is ordering a probe for an allegedly racist headmistress for inciting racism. Basically as I see it, the HM (headmistress) was only mimicking her boss's action. ‘Monkey see, monkey do’. I guess we can safely assume how this probe will end - ‘tutup kes; salah faham’.

ONG: The deputy prime minister is only 63 years old but his reaction time is getting very, very slow - it took him almost a week to react. This extremist headmistress should be sacked, and not just transferred.

Otherwise there is no proper message for others like her. Can I assault somebody I don't like and later apologise and claim that it was all a ‘misunderstanding’?

Mohd Naim Ismail: Don't worry, this headmistress will be an Umno candidate for the next general elections since graduate teachers can now be involved in politics. The DPM needs more of these kind of people as Umno candidates.

Another 'racist' principal in Kedah

Peoples Voice: What has happened the past 15 years? I raised five children and could write a book on what they tell me happens in their schools. PE (physical education) teachers will ask the Malay boys to play ball elsewhere and then group the non-Malays to one side. I think the minister of education should resign.

ISA@Penyu: Recently the Malays have been getting all worked up and raising a lot of racial issues. Why? It is simple. They are sick of others questioning the royalty, Malay rights, the bumiputera status and equity. PKR and DAP started this trend and we are now heading towards more and more problems.

Even MCA now wants to be the champion questioning Malay equity. So just go back to what our forefathers have agreed and stop questioning the social contract for the betterment of all. If you don’t like the country, you can always migrate but don’t create problems here.

There a lot of Indians and Chinese who are happy with Malaysia where they earn good living and the politicians are spoiling it all by creating divides.

Chris T: Racists are a global issue. Whether they are educated or not, they are already set in their moronic minds. You can’t change them but the laws can definitely stop them. It is only a problem when those in power refuses to apply the law because they are racists themselves.

Mamboking: During my time in school, during the 70s and 80s, we never had these issues. The canteen was open to all and non-Muslims students ate there. Then again, those were the glory days of being ‘muhibah’. Now all have been messed by the same 70s and 80s era politicians. What a shame.

Mohd Hazwan: What kind of school principals are we churning out? This is all due to the negative consequences of Biro Tata Negara’s social engineering. My advice to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is to stop going on this unhealthy course once and for all.

Jaguh: This will not end. All the racists use the same terms, sing the same song and all because of Umno. It’s really getting bad and the racists are getting bolder each day because they are not penalised.

Coming back to the non-Muslim kids in schools, they have to eat - so where do they eat? So what if they eat in the same canteen? They are not feeding and tempting the Muslim kids are they? This country is really getting ridiculous.


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